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The following list describes common errors.

What do my notifications mean?

Subject: Invalid site: 123
Body: Error creating identifier for an invalid site
siteid: 123
loginid: 9

<b>REQUEST Variables:</b>
PHPSESSID = 0f24688ac6422443411cbf413717b1a7e
nats = affiliate.

Reason: There was a site within a natscode link that could not be found in your install. The site ID that was used in your link was xxx. The surfer was redirected to another site that NATS fought to be valid. This may happen if an affiliate uses an unencoded linkcode and changes the siteID or the code is corrupted in some other manner.

How to Resolve: Check your links for the improper information. Have all your affiliates check the linkcodes on their pages too. The notification provides a LoginId which is the affiliate ID for this linkcode. Keep in mind this may have been altered also!

Biller Script

There was an attempt to hit a biller script (NETBILLING) on Jul 1, 2013 07:22:29 pm
The users IP:
The script that was accessed: process_netbilling.php

Reason: This notification is to just let you know that an invalid IP is hitting the script. The process scripts for billers are IP restricted to the IP addresses that are given to us by the biller. In this case, the IP listed is not in our list of allowed clearcard IP addresses.

How to Resolve: If it’s happening over and over, you may want to investigate the IP address.


Seeing an unexpected join page template

Reason: If you are editing your join page templates and are sent to a template for a different join page, it is most likely that your browser has the other template Cached.

How to Resolve: Go to your browser settings and clear your cookies. We suggest testing templates by going to the join page directly from a linkcode: <domain>/nats=natscode/join. This will use the correct join template for the site in that linkcode. You can also add &tpl=templatename to the end of the signup URL to force a specific template.

Join Page Denial

If you get a denial page every time you visit a pre-join page, the page or its cascade is probably geo-targeted to prevent users from your country from signing up. Please see the Geo-Targeting Cascades article for more details.

Cascade Fail

If you get a denial page every time you visit a pre-join page or a particular step in a cascade, the page or its cascade is probably geo-targeted to prevent users from your country from signing up. Please see the Geo-Targeting Cascades article for more details.

Membership Not Available

"Sorry, but this Membership is not available for the chosen Payment Type."

This error occurs when that pricing option is not set up properly with the biller or the current cascade has no billers. Make sure the site's biller codes are correct and the current cascade has at least one biller in every cascade this site uses.

Empty Payment Type Field

The payment type field goes missing if you don't have any cascades selected.


Go to Sites Admin, click the Edit Cascades icon, mark one or more cascade checkboxes, and save.


Go to NATS4 Billers Admin, click on the purple 'rules' arrows for the cascade that should be used, and make sure there is a rule that will be valid with the details you are using. In many cases this will either be 'ALL' for all fields, or specific to the tour you are testing, and 'ALL' for the remaining fields.

File Upload Issues

If you are having problems with adtool file uploads (content zips, banner files, thumbnails) you may need to update your php settings. These default php settings will limit the size of files you can upload, and will need to be modified to allow the files you are using.

post_max_size => 8M => 8M
upload_max_filesize => 2M => 2M

If you are uploading 10M files, both of these values should be > 10M. Additional settings that could cause problems are

file_uploads -- must be enabled.
max_execution_time  --must be long enough to allow the files to be uploaded and processed.
memory_limit -- must be ATLEAST as large as your post_max_size and upload_max_filesize settings.  This affects all of php, and may need to be set higher than the others for other reasons.