Approval/Upgrade/Denial Variables

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NATS contains the ability to send user variables to external Approval, Upgrade, or Denial pages. By using this feature, you can provide members with specific member or login information through an external approval/upgrade/denial page, such as member ID, username, password, and many more.

Setting Your URL

Before you can begin passing user variables through your desired pages, you must first set your Approval/Upgrade/Denial URLs in NATS.

To do so, go to the Sites Admin and edit the tour you want to affect. On the next page you will see a section labeled, "Approval/Denial/Upgrade." Click the link next to it, marked "Show/Hide Advanced Settings" to expand the available settings in that category.

You will now see fields marked, Approval URL, Denial URL, Upgrade Approval URL, and Upgrade Denial URL. Input your desired external Approval/Denial/Upgrade URLs into this field -- this will redirect your surfers to those URLs after their membership is approved, denied, or upgraded.

Passing Variables

You can append a wide variety of user variables to the Approval/Denial/Upgrade URLs in order to provide members and surfers with any information that you specify. Simply use the following example to append these variables:

http://<sample url>?<user variable>=%%<user variable>%%

In the above example, simply replace <sample url> with the URL to your Approval/Denial/Upgrade pages, and <user variable> with the user variable you wish to pass through.

To pass all information passed to NATS from the biller, you can specify %%query%%

http://<sample url>?query=%%query%%

To pass all available data regarding the member's transaction, you can just specify %%EVERYTHING%%

http://<sample url>?%%EVERYTHING%%

For example:

Available Variables

Any variable from the member table can be passed through to Approval/Denial/Upgrade URLs of your choosing.

For example, you can provide a surfer with their siteid, username, password, e-mail, ip, etc.

Approval and Upgrade Approval URLs can take a few more variables than Denial/Upgrade Denial URLs, since NATS will have created a record of that member.

For example, you can provide a surfer with their member_subscription_id, memberid, billerid, upgradeid, etc.