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Note: Segpay's instructions may be more up to date.

Setup your NATS program site with SegPay. You must update your Postback Notification Profiles or users won't be added or deleted correctly and your transactions won't be updated. Previously you didn't need to enter a user I.D. or access key, but now you must enter them both.

Set up on SegPay's Website

Segpay Member Management

If you only use NATS for cascading and affiliate tracking and you use Segpay for your password management, you only need to enter information in the 2nd Trans Post URL field and MSG for each profile.

Set this as the 2nd Trans Post URL in each one of your current Postback Notification Profiles:

  • 2nd Trans Post URL: linkdomain/signup/process_segpay.php?action=<action>&stage=<stage>&approved=<approved>&name=<billname>&email=<billemail>&country=<billcntry>&state=<billstate>&city=<billcity>&address=<billaddr>&transtype=<trantype>&purchaseid=<purchaseid>&transid=<tranid>&price=<price>&username=<extra username>&password=<extra password>&currencycode=<currencycode>&eticketid=<eticketid>&memberid=<extra foreignid>&session=<extra natssess>&merchantpartnerid=<extra merchantpartnerid>&xsellnum=<xsellnum>
  • 2nd Trans Post Message (You must include the * before and after the word success): *success*

You need to record the following information when you setup SegPay join options. On the Merchant Setup page, under Packages, choose a package and record the Package I.D.; the I.D. number ends with a colon. In the package information section of the SegPay site, setup your join options; for each option, record the SegPay Order I.D.

Note: When testing signups and cascading with Segpay, if you get to their auth/decline page and it does not redirect back to NATS automatically, please contact Segpay. They may need to enable a package which allows for automatic redirection on auth/decline.

NATS Member Management

The section is what you need to enter if you are using NATS for everything including your member management. You should only need to create one profile, "NATS", for all your packages at Segpay since all the data is going to the same place.

To create this, go to Go to MERCHANT SETUP->POST BACK. Click on the button to create NEW POSTBACK CONFIG. For DESCRIPTION, this is where you would enter the name NATS. Fill in the following in bold for each field, replacing linkdomain with that of the site:

  • Inquiry URL:

linkdomain/signup/process_segpay.php?action=<action>&username=<extra username>&memberid=<extra foreignid>

  • Inquiry Result Good: *success* (You must include the * before and after the word success)
  • Access Enable URL: THIS FIELD IS NOT USED.
  • Access Enable MSG: THIS FIELD IS NOT USED.
  • Access Disable URL: linkdomain/signup/process_segpay.php?action=<action>&username=<extra username>&password=<extra password>&purchaseid=<purchaseid>
  • Access Disable MSG: *success* (You must include the * before and after the word success)
  • Cancel Match: THIS FIELD IS NOT USED.
  • 2nd Trans Post URL: linkdomain/signup/process_segpay.php?action=<action>&stage=<stage>&approved=<approved>& name=<billname>&email=<billemail>&country=<billcntry>&state=<billstate>&city=<billcity>&address =<billaddr>&transtype=<trantype>&purchaseid=<purchaseid>&transid=<tranid>&price=<price>&user name=<extra username>&password=<extra password>&currencycode=<currencycode>&eticketid=<eticketid>&memberid=<extra foreignid>&session=<extra natssess>&merchantpartnerid=<extra merchantpartnerid>&xsellnum=<xsellnum>
  • 2nd Trans Post Message: (You must include the * before and after the word success): *success*

Under the EMAIL TEMPLATES section, you must enter the following information so that receipts to go out.

  • Sign-Up Template: email.signup.xml
  • Rebill Template: default
  • Cancel Template: email.cancel.xml
  • Expiration Template: default

After you fill in all the appropriate fields, click on the UPDATE button and your profile will be saved. After you have a NATS Postback configuration, you can use that postback configuration in all of your Packages that work with NATS.


For each SegPay package that uses NATS, enter "nats" into the Result Page field.

Setting up SegPay in NATS

Billers Admin

To begin setting up SegPay as a biller in NATS, go to the Billers Admin. Scroll down to the "Biller" drop-down menu, select SegPay, and click "Add."

Note: If you don't see SegPay as a biller in NATS, put in a support ticket, as you may need an updated version of NATS4.

When prompted, fill in the Merchant ID, User ID, and Access Key that were provided to you by SegPay under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your biller to receive it.

Sites Admin

Next, go to the Sites Admin, create or edit a tour, and scroll down to the "Biller Details" section. Enter the E-Ticket ID (Segpay may call this a PackageID) and Order ID (Segpay may call this a PricePointID) that you set up on SegPay's website for each Pay Via Type you wish to use.

Note: As of version, NATS now supports Direct Debit (elv) as an processing type for member transactions through SegPay. If you want to add Direct Debit (elv) compatibility to SegPay, please put in support ticket to be upgraded to the latest version of NATS. For information on setting this up once you have it in your nats, see the Direct Debit section below.

You can also use the optional Custom Auth Text and Custom Decline Text fields to determine what you wish to display to the surfer on the SegPay approval and denial pages. Save your changes once you have filled in the required fields here.

Once you have done this, scroll down to the section labeled "Join Options for this Tour" and click the "Edit Option Details for this tour" icon that corresponds to the join option you wish to add Segpay compatibility to. In the "Biller Codes" section on the next page, locate the "SEGPAY Order ID" field, and enter the Order ID you received from SegPay for the join option you are configuring. You can also put in a E-Ticket number in the "SEGPAY E-Ticket Override" fields (CC, Check, and elv), which replaces the E-Ticket that you specified in the "Biller Details" section.

While you can use the Override options provided by SegPay to offer multiple payment types for the same join option, you must set up a separate join option for each payment method you wish to offer through SegPay for your members. See the Direct Debit section below.

Note: As of version, when editing a price point in NATS, there is an optional biller detail called "Dynamic Pricing". When this is checked, the biller will use the initial amount set in NATS for the sale, overriding what may be set in the biller for that price point. When this is not checked, SegPay will instead use the initial amount defined in the biller.

Note: As of version or above, Segpay now support Dynamic Recurring feature, when editing the tour setting, there is an optional biller detail called "Dynamic Recurring Billing E-Ticket ID" and option setting "Dynamic Recurring Billing" checkbox under each join option. You will required to setup a Dynamic Recurring Billing E-Ticket ID at Segpay side and used the Dynamic Recurring Billing feature with any join options in NATS.

Additionally, you may wish to edit/add any additional rules to allow this option to show on your join page. You can do so with the purple arrows next to the Option row on the main Billers page (similar to the several other areas across NATS).

Note: If you input an incorrect E-Ticket ID and Order ID combination in the Sites Admin, your cascade will stop at that step with an error message. Please make sure that you test each E-Ticket ID and Order ID combination you have set up to make sure that they work.

Setting up Segpay Direct Debit

To set up Segpay with Direct Debit, you MUST set up separate join option for both currency types: One for GBP, and one for EUR. This will allow surfers to use both currencies and switch between the currency types on the biller form. These join options will have a separate E-ticket ID (provided by Segpay) for each currency type. You will then need to add a country rule to the join options for the correct country(ex Germany for EUR).

Ex codes for all payment types:
Credit Card: 150350:13116
Checks: 150591:13116
Direct Debit EUR: 150607:13194
Direct Debit GBP: 150607:13195

Cross Sells and Upsells

You need to add the following to your Trans Post URL in order to process cross sells: &eticketid=<eticketid>&xref1=<extra xref1>. Segpay will then provide you with an E-Ticket ID for each cross sell. The E-Ticket I.Ds. are formatted as follows: site:product.

You need to add the following to your Trans Post URL in order to process upsells: &eticketid=<eticketid>&upsell=<extra upsell>. Segpay will then provide you with an E-Ticket ID for each upsell. The E-Ticket I.Ds. are formatted as follows: site:product.

To set up cross sales in NATS, go to the Upsells Admin and click "Incoming" or "Outgoing" cross sales from the navigation tabs at the top of the page (depending on whether you are receiving or sending the cross sale).

If you are sending a cross sale to another site, go to the "Outgoing Cross Sales" page. Add SegPay from the "Biller" drop-down menu, and click Add New Option. On the next page, you will be prompted to fill in the Title, Description, and Disclaimer for your cross sell option.

You will then need to fill out the Biller Info for your cross sale, which should have been provided to you by SegPay. Fill in your Ref Code here, and click Save Changes.

If you are receiving the cross sale in question, go to the "Incoming Cross Sales" page. Add SegPay from the "Biller" drop-down menu and click Add New Option. When prompted, choose the site and program you want to associate with the cross sale.

Under "Details," fill in the title of your cross sale option, the initial fee and length, and the recurring membership fee and length. Finally, fill in the CC E-Ticket ID, Check E-Ticket ID, and Order ID that were provided to you by SegPay. In this section, your "E-Ticket ID" corresponds to your site, and your "Order ID" corresponds to your join option. Once you have filled out the available fields, you will be able to activate your cross sell options.

For upsell redirect, if you wish the redirect to display upsell member record instead of initial sale member record, you must request Segpay to return "PurcahseID" back to NATS during the returnurl redirect.


UpgradePlus lets you shorten a Member's Trial by offering them incentives to upgrade to a full member. Most users do this by offering them two separate Members Areas: One for members that are only in their Trial Phase, giving them only limited amount of content, and a separate one which gives access to the full content for members that paid for the full month.

To use upgrade plus, the price points in NATS Segpay need to be set up to allow "instant conversion". To do this, you must contact Segpay. Without the allowance of "instant conversion", members connected to that price point will not be allowed to upgrade. After "instant conversion" is allowed, Segpay will send a TransGUID within their "initial" post to process_segpay. Then, members connected to that price point will have an "upgradeid" connected to their information, allowing the upgrade to take place.


SegPay now offers support for the Token Plus feature in NATS4. This feature allows members of your Token Sites to purchase additional tokens for their account, without requiring them to re-input their payment information to do so. This allows your members to easily buy additional tokens without having to go through any extra steps.

Before you can begin configuring SegPay to work with the Token Plus feature, you must first enable it for the sites you want to offer it on in the Sites Admin. Go to the Sites Admin, locate the Token Site that you want to enable this feature on, and click the "Set Join Options" action icon. Edit the join option that you want to enable Token Plus for, then check the "Token Rebuy Allowed" setting here.

For more information on this process, please see our Token Plus wiki article.

Note: In order to use the Token Plus feature with Credit Card transactions SegPay, you must have One Click approved and enabled for each price point. If this feature is not currently on, please contact SegPay to have them enable it.
Note: One Click transactions are only available for Credit Card sales.


SegPay now support Packageplus feature, it will allow you to change the amount that a consumer will be charged on his/her next bill date.


Change the minimum characters on your NATS join form to 8. To do this, edit your Join form and locate the this line:

<TR><TD class="join_name">Username:</TD><TD class="join_value"><input class="join_input" type="text"
name="signup[username:1:6:16:::username_check]" value="{$vars.username}"><span class="join_error">{if $errors.username}<br>{$errors.username}</span>{/if}</TD></TR>

Change the '6' into an '8' and it will work fine.