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This article tells you how to setup a basic site.

In the Sites Admin, click the Add a Site tab. Under Site Details, choose the site's type and fill in the site's name, shortname, URL (prefixed with http://) and link domain.

Scroll down to Approval/Denial/Upgrade. Enter the approval and denial URLs. If you don't enter these URLs, NATS assumes you want all traffic leaving the biller to go to the approval and denial templates. Note: the default approval and denial templates are blank; you can edit them in the Skins & Templates Admin.

Click Save. You are redirected to the top of the form and more sections appear. Scroll down to the Biller Details section. Fill in everything not marked optional. See the individual biller set up instructions for details. Save changes.

Scroll down to Join Options this site offers. Add a new join option by filling in the initial cost and days, the recurring cost and days (optional if the option doesn't recur), the join form text, and the Biller codes. Click add. Again see the biller's set up instructions for their biller codes.

Scroll down to Programs & Default Payouts. Select the programs to add this site to and click Add.

Members Charged Twice

While editing a site in the Sites Admin, if you didn't set the Approval URL, members may be charged twice. After submitting their payment information, the member is supposed to be redirected to the Approval URL -- but if this value is blank, the member's Web browser reloads the payment submission page.

If your Approval URL is correct and members are still being charged twice, please submit a support ticket.