NATS3 Geo-Targeting Cascades

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NOTE: This article is for NATS 3. NATS 4 does not require any template changes for Geo-Targeting; it is done using show/hide rules

Geo-target a biller or a cascade using the following instructions:

  1. Download and install a geo-targeting program. For Example: GeoIP from Maxmind.
  2. After setting up geo-targeting, tell NATS to use it. Find the ../nats/includes folder on your server, Open the config.php file, and paste the following code anywhere in the file above the last line:
    1. $config['IP_FILTER'] = 'GEOIP';
  3. Now you can geo-target a cascade or the steps in the cascade.
    1. To geo-target the entire cascade, click on the Edit icon, and use the target box to select the countries you want the cascade to work for. Select those to exclude with the exclude box. Click Save.
    2. To geo-target steps in the cascade, click on the magnifying glass, and then click the edit icon of the step you want to geo-target. Select the countries with the target scroll box. The step will then only be performed for those countries. Click Save.


If you use geo-targeted cascades, surfers from countries you've excluded will be automatically redirected to the NATS denial page. Keep this in mind when testing your join forms.