NATS5 Changelog

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Released July 16th 2019 (2019-07-16)

  • Added support for MaxMind's GeoIP-2 PHP library
  • Added an allowed value of 0 for the RocketGate and RGNative SiteID variable
  • Added ‘Bank Transaction ID’ as a search option in the Member Biller Search section
  • Updated the list of allowed IPs for Payze
  • Updated 3xpromo notifications to be configurable and disabled by default
  • Updated TMM office IPs
  • Updated Video Secrets NATS 3rd party integration to Flirt4Free and redid the integration using the updated Flirt4Free system
  • Updated Gocoin signup URL
  • Updated encryption method for FXNATIVE and Cbilling
  • Updated the news feed to always use https
  • Addressed an issue with Epoch currency conversions
  • Addressed a gateway one-step signup failure on reused member records
  • Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
  • Addressed the display of the 'active by default' checkbox when editing join options
  • Extended the IP verification system to third parties
  • Manually disabling a member's trial flag no longer sends a member rebilled email
  • Manually reactivating an expired member now sends a User Management ACTIVATE call instead of MANUALADD
  • Manually reactivating an expired member no longer posts a member's details to their site's Approval Post URL
  • Manually reactivating an expired member no longer sends a member joined email

Released March 18th 2019 (2019-03-18)

  • Release of the new NATS5 Admin interface
  • With the release of NATS5, you will be able to use the new NATS5 admin alongside your current NATS4 admin. You can also set which admin you would like as your default.
  • Added options to set PHP memory limits for admin reporting, the entire admin and the crons
  • Added 'all' to the reserved list for affiliate usernames
  • Added a default value for the ONLY_STORE_ON_PERIOD config setting (TRUE)
  • Added a way to remove header and footer templates when modifying other templates in the skins & templates admin
  • Added the ONLY_STORE_ON_PERIOD config setting to the home section of the config admin
  • Addressed an edge case when there are multiple affiliate payments on the same day for different types
  • Addressed an issue with the freeform date search in the member's admin
  • Corrected an issue with reversal payout with chargeback/credit mult. times for the same transaction id.
  • Updated the checks for whether or not the main and the mailer NATS crons are running
  • Updated processing types for CentroBill

added an HTTP header with PROJECT_HOSTNAME and NATS_VERSION to the CentroBill redirects and requests