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Intercash is a PayVia that can be used to send payment to your affiliates. Intercash offers multiple payment options services: prepaid card, check, ACH/EFT and wires. Depending on your version of NATS you may need to have these payvia methods enabled on your system. If you are unsure of whether or not you have this payvia available to you, please submit a ticket.

Intercash PrePaid Card

The prepaid cards method gives your affiliates a personalized prepaid card from Intercash which can be loaded with funds for payment. For this system, the affiliate either enters some identifying information or their existing Intercash prepaid card number. If they don't have a card yet, their first payout would use the identifying information to generate and send a personalized prepaid card (branded and backed with the MasterCard logo) to the affiliate. From there, they can enter their prepaid card and Intercash loads the card when you submit affiliate payments.

Intercash Check

The check method will present your affiliates with the ability to enter a pay to name and a shipping method (courier or post). Your affiliate will enter this information and then the dump will contain the proper pay to, amount, address information and whether they are courier or post. This dump can then be entered into Intercash's online system to pay your affiliates.

ACH/EFT and Wires

Get a customized platform for full control of all electronic money transfer transactions through the convenient, secure and user-friendly interface provided by Intercash. Compare Intercash's low wire fees to save your organization money over purchasing foreign drafts and wires from your bank.


Intercash prepaid cards have a 10,000 Euros daily load restriction. As such, the Intercash prepaid card dump format separates affiliates who have made more than 10,000 Euros in a particular pay period into separate lines (to allow for individual upload). Additionally, there is a yearly limit of 50,000 Euros or currency equivalence per card. If you reach this limit, you can easily contact Intercash to determine which course of action to take.

Phone (International): +44-1753-837-345
Phone (North America Toll-Free): 1-877-322-CASH