NATS4 API Set Affiliate Defaults

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The Set Affiliate Defaults API function is a feature in NATS4 that allows you to change default settings for your affiliates outside of the NATS system.

If you wish to change your affiliates' default settings, you must make a SOAP call with the following parameters:

* loginid - The affiliate's login ID
* startpage - What page you want the affiliate to see when they log in
* mailok - Specify if you want affiliates to receive mailings
* live_update_defaults - Specify if you want to immediately update changes in affiliate defaults
* default_stats_view - The first page the affiliate will see on their Stats page
* default_stats_date_range - What range of dates affiliates will see in their stats by default
* default_stats_pie_chart_X_data - What statistic you want displayed in each affiliate pie chart (5 charts total)
* default_stats_pie_chart_X_break - What you want each pie chart to be broken down by (site, program, country, etc.)
* default_stats_mixed_chart_X_type - What type of chart you want your affiliate's mixed statistics to be displayed in
* default_stats_mixed_chart_X_data - What statistic you want displayed in each affiliate mixed chart (2 charts total)
* default_stats_multi_graph_data_X - What statistic you want displayed in each affiliate multi graph (3 graphs total)
* default_stats_large_map_data - What statistic you want displayed in an affiliate's large map data
* default_stats_comp_data - What statistic you want to be compared in an affiliate's comparison field
* default_stats_order - Set the order that statistics will be displayed in the affiliate stats page
* default_stats_table_column_X - Set and order what affiliate statistics columns display (raw, unique, join hits, etc)
* default_adtools_use_defaults - Uses default adtool settings for affiliates
* default_adtools_view - Set the first page the affiliate will be taken to in Affiliate Adtools
* default_adtools_cat_1_type - Set a type of banner for the affiliate to use by default (static, animated, etc)
* default_adtools_cat_2_type - Set a type of hosted gallery to use by default (i.e., free hosted gallery)
* default_adtools_cat_3_type - Set a type of downloadable adtool to use by default (page ads, mailers, etc)
* default_adtools_cat_5_type - Set a type of news feed for affiliates to use by default
* default_adtools_publish_setting - Set the default for when an adtool is published (on, before, or after a date)
* default_adtools_publish_date - The default date available when setting when to publish an adtool
* default_adtools_dump_seperater - The punctuation used to separate stat dumps (commas, semi-colons, etc.)
* default_adtools_dump_record_end - The punctuation used to end a stat dump (semicolon, \n, \t)
* default_adtools_dump_field_x - Set dump fields that correspond to your statistics
* default_account_view - What page the affiliate will see first when accessing their account page
* default_account_changes_count - How many recent account changes you want NATS to display
* default_account_changes_order - How you want these changes sorted (change date descending, status ascending, etc)
* default_account_campaign_count - How many affiliate campaigns you want to be visible at once
* default_account_campaign_order - How you want these campaigns to be sorted (shortname ascending, hidden descending, etc)
* default_adtools_use_limits - Automatically use the limits you have set when the page is loaded

This call will change defaults for ALL affiliates in your NATS system.

The response contains one parameter named result. If the modification was successful then result will be 1. If it was not successful then the result will be 0.

For more information on API functions in NATS4, as well as information on how to set up your SOAP call, please see our NATS4 API wiki article.