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NATS4 Upgrade Changelog
The New NATS4 Affiliates Admin
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We renamed Resellers Admin to Affiliates Admin. We previously used the terms reseller, webmaster, and affiliate interchangeably, but NATS4 calls everyone who makes referrals an affiliate.

We've cleaned up unused search fields and activity icons. The following table lists actions available in the NATS3 and NATS4 Affiliate Admins:

Name NATS3 NATS4 Notes
Override as Affiliate User 16.gif User 16.gif
Affiliate Overview About 16.gif About 16.gif
Affiliate Stats Chart 16.gif Chart 16.gif
Edit Affiliate Info Pen 16.gif Pen 16.gif
Edit Admin Info Edit user 16.gif Edit user 16.gif
Ad Sale to Affiliate Wiz 16.gif Wiz 16.gif
Approve Affiliate Edit user 16.gif
IP Log Account 16x16.gif
Affiliate Notes Notep 16.gif See Affiliate Overview, above, in NATS4
Create ePassporte Account Add admin 16.gif
Set Special Payouts Database 16.gif
Set Active Programs Smicn 16.gif
Affiliate Login Log Alarm 16.gif
Profit/Loss Report Profitloss 16.gif See Reporting Admin in NATS4
Disable Affiliate Cancl 16.gif See Change Affiliate Status, below, in NATS4
Ban Affiliate Stop 16.gif See Change Affiliate Status, below, in NATS4
Delete Affiliate Trash 16.gif Trash 16.gif
Affiliate Documents Forms 16.gif
Change Affiliate Password Auction 16x16.gif
Change Affiliate Status Lock 16.gif Combines NATS3's Disable and Ban Affiliate

You can still edit affiliate permissions by clicking the icon left of the affiliate's username, but you'll find many more options and a much nicer interface. We've renamed the "Standard" user type to "Affiliate." We've also added two new user types: site partner and sub admin.

All user types besides affiliates have customizable access permissions. We've totally revamped the access permissions screen: instead of cryptic PHP page names, we've used descriptive names; instead of a single choice -- can the user display the page or not? -- you can allow or forbid the user from viewing or changing any specific element on the page.

Edit Affiliate Permissions

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