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These step-by-step instructions walk you through the steps to set up Gamelink and describe setting up a site and a program that track all traffic you direct to Gamelink. First you setup Gamelink as a Third Party, next you setup a site in NATS devoted to tracking Gamelink Traffic, finally you setup a Third-Party Program to properly payout your affiliates for sending traffic to Gamelink.

Please setup your account with Gamelink before starting.

Third-Party Admin

Log into NATS and navigate to the screen, 3rd-Party Admin.

  1. Towards the bottom, pick Gamelink from the dropdown box and click on Add.
  2. In the Fees section, enter in the amount Gamelink will charge you. Below that, you may choose how NATS takes out the Third-Party fees. Before Payout means you are sharing the costs with your affiliates and After Payout means you pay all third-party fees.)
  3. In the Account info section, fill in the :
    1. Source: the three-character code provided by Gamelink that identifies your affiliate program.
    2. Login: the username provided by Gamelink for redirecting traffic to Gamelink.
    3. Pass code: the password provided by Gamelink for redirecting traffic to Gamelink.
    4. Default NATS Code: the linkcode to be sent to Gamelink if one is not provided by the referring URL already (this acts as a catch-all so that you can track ALL traffic going to Gamelink via NATS). You do not need to set this up now; this may be configured after you set up a third-party site in NATS. You may enter any affiliate's linkcode, but you should not use the default NATS code from the Sites Admin. Please see the Getting The NATSCode article for help getting a NATSCode.
    5. Click “Save” on the right-hand side.

Sites Admin

Within NATS, navigate to the screen, Sites Admin.

  1. Click on Add a Site near the top of the Sites Admin.
  2. On the next screen, choose 3rd Party as the Site type.
  3. Enter a Site Name. You may also give a Site description and Thumbnail (Icon) URL.
  4. Enter a shortname for this new site. (Shortnames can only be used once within NATS and can only contain letters and numbers.)
  5. Click on “Save Changes”. This displays additional options below.
  6. The first new item is a drop-down box listing all third parties set up in NATS. Choose Gamelink from this dropdown.
  7. Enter the linkdomain that will redirect to Gamelink.
  8. Scroll down to the section, Third Party Details. In the URL field, enter the Gamelink URL you want the user to visit after they go through your tracking script.

Programs Admin

Within NATS, navigate to the screen, Programs Admin.

  1. Choose whether to create an enabled program or disabled program by clicking on the appropriate link: Create New Enabled Program or Create New Disabled Program.
  2. Give the program a name and a shortname .
  3. Leave extended payout desc and extended type blank.
  4. For Program Type, select Standard in the drop-down box.
  5. Click on Add Program; a new section will appear.
  6. Add your 3rd Party Site to the Program in the new section.
  7. Configure the affiliates referral fees . Use the Join and Rebill fields to set affiliates payouts (Use join to payout on first-time transactions and rebill for any repeat business from the same surfer.)

Note: Third-parties do not notify NATS about new sales and sign-ups immediately -- there may be up to a 24-hour delay before NATS records third-party transactions.