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The NATSCode is the special part of a URL that NATS uses to credit an affiliate and record statistics. The NATSCode is different for each affiliate, program, site, and adtool.

The following is all of the information stored in the NATSCode:

  • Affiliate Username - The username of the affiliate who referred this surfer.
  • Programid - The numeric id of the program that the surfer's transaction will be paid out under.
  • Siteid - The numeric id of the NATS site your surfer is trying to visit.
  • Tourid - The numeric id of the site's tour that your surfer will be redirected to (See Sites Admin for details).
  • Affiliate Campaignid - The numeric id of the campaign associated with the affiliate.
  • Adtoolid - If the surfer followed a link code associated with an adtool, this will represent the numeric ID of the adtool the surfer saw.
  • SubID1 & SubID2 - SubID1 is used for extra tracking needed by some special adtool type like gallery builder. SubID2 is available for any custom use you would like to use it for.

To get the NATSCode from an encoded linkcode, start with an affiliate's linkcode. For example:

The NATSCode is the arbitrary string that follows track/ -- MS4yLjEuNS4wLjAuMC4w in this case. The NATSCode won't always be at the end of a URL. For example:

The NATSCode doesn't include /join. The NATSCode also doesn't always follow track. For example:

In most NATS URLs, the NATSCode is easy to identify because it's the only word that doesn't resemble English. In an unencoded linkcode, all of the information is stored as seperate numbers rather than a jumble of letters. For more information, see our NATS4 LinkCodes article.

Decoding a NatsCode


Affiliates can find all of the information in a NatsCode by using the affiliate linkcode decoder. Under your Adtools drop down, select "Linkcodes". You can decode any linkcode by selecting "details" in the actions column.


You will then be able to see every piece of information stored in that code.



Admins can decode their linkcodes in from the Adtools admin, and then clicking the "Linkcodes" tab at the top of the page. Simply enter a NatsCode, or entire linkcode, and it will display all the information about the code.