Build Your Own Anything Module

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Build Your Own Anything Module
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For the NATS4 version of this module, please see NATS4 Build Your Own Anything Module

Creating a BYOA Program

On the Programs Admin click Create New Disabled Program. Fill in the program's name and short name and select BYOA Program from the Program Type dropdown. Click Add Program. Add your program to the sites that will use it. These sites will be the only ones with the BYOA fields for tours and ads. Edit the default payout in the Program Default Payouts table and click Save. Your BYOA designers will now get credit for any sales made through their ads. Return to the main Programs Admin page and click Enable to enable this program for every one or manually add only certain users with the people icons in line with your program.

Assigning a BYOA Hosted Gallery to an Affiliate

On the Ad Tools Admin, select Hosted Ad Tools and your site from the dropdown and click Go!. Edit an existing Gallery or create a new one. Under details for that Gallery you will see three BYOA fields. Select the owner of this ad with the BYOA Owner drop down. Checking the Only for Owner checkbox makes this gallery only available for this user on the Ad Tools page. Select the payout with the BYOA Program dropdown. No payout will be the only payout listed if you do not have a program available for the site or if the owner you select is not enrolled in any other program. Click Save when you are done. Note: These options can not be added with the bulk importer at time of import. You will have to edit the Galleries later.