NATS Go Live Checklist

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NATS Setup
Post-Installation Steps
Apache Configuration
MySQL Settings
Creating Admin Accounts
Multiple Server Setup
Using Memcached for Caching
File Upload Setup
Link Domain
NATS4 Files and Directories
NATS4 Go Live Checklist
NATS3 to NATS4 Going Live Checklist
Moving NATS4
Members Admin
The Members Admin
View Member Details
Add Member
MySQL Auth
Mod Authn DB
Multisite Access
Member Logging
Member Password Retrieval
OpenID Connect
Mod Auth OpenIDC
ID Numbers
Apache Configuration
MySQL Settings
Creating Admin Accounts
File Upload Setup
Link Domain
NATS3 Files and Directories
NATS Go Live Checklist
Moving NATS3

Complete all the steps this list before you go live with NATS.

  • Did you setup all your billers?
  • Did you setup at least one cascade?
    • Were you able to sign-up up successfully?
    • Did it cascade correctly on failure?
  • Did you setup all of your sites?
    • Did you setup an Apache VirtualHost for each linkdomain?
    • Did you design a Join Form for each site?
  • Did you setup your adtools? (Optional)
  • Did you setup your pop-ups, pop-unders, or consoles? (Optional)
  • Did you setup affiliate payment types?
    • NATS comes with a Quickbooks payment type, but supports Paypal, international and domestic wire, and Epassporte.
  • Did you setup your member management?
  • Did you add ?<?=(!empty($_REQUEST['nats']) && !preg_match('/[\'\"<>()\\\+\[\]]/', $_REQUEST['nats']))?'&nats='.$_REQUEST['nats']:?> to your paysite's page to page links and did you change the join link to that provided on the top of the sites edit page?
  • Did you test any link codes?
  • Did you test your join forms?
  • Did you credit (or charge back) a membership?
    • Did NATS remove the credited member? -- note that for some billers, there can be a delay of several hours before we import the credit.