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Our clients frequently edit the following templates. Internal templates can be accessed after logging in and are usually prefaced with admin_ or members_. External templates are the pages that can be accessed without logging in. We recommend not changing any templates prefaced by admin_ as we update these frequently with new additions to the system.

  • access.tpl -- Produces the login boxes after a failed login
  • contactus.tpl -- Create you own contact page
  • footer.tpl -- Lower portion of the external pages
  • header.tpl -- Upper portion of the external pages; contains the links and the login boxes.
  • index.tpl -- Page displayed as the index of the NATS system; the external home page.
  • mail_admin_chargeback_email.tpl -- Email message sent to the webmaster indicating a chargeback
  • mail_admin_credit_email.tpl -- Email message sent to the webmaster indicating a credit
  • mail_admin_rebill_email.tpl -- Email message sent to the webmaster indicating a rebill
  • mail_admin_signup_email.tpl -- Email message sent to the webmaster indicating a signup
  • mail_member_cancel.tpl -- Email message sent to the surfer after they cancel
  • mail_member_join.tpl -- Email message sent to the surfer after they join
  • mail_owner_reseller_signup.tpl -- Email message
  • mail_password_retreived.tpl -- Email message sent to the surfer after they ask for their password
  • mail_reseller_sale.tpl -- Email message
  • mail_reseller_signup.tpl -- Email message sent to the resellers when they join
  • members_access.tpl -- Message displayed when a reseller attempts to access a restricted portion of the site
  • members_adtools.tpl -- Produces the affiliate's Ad Tools page
  • members_codes.tpl -- Produces the affiliate's Link Codes page
  • members_edit_adv.tpl -- Produces the edit users information page
  • members_footer.tpl -- Lower portion of the internal pages; contains the admin tool bar.
  • members_header.tpl -- Upper portion of the internal pages; contains the links.
  • members_referrals.tpl -- Produces the Referrals page
  • members_rewards.tpl -- Produces the rewards page
  • members_stats_summary.tpl -- Produces the Admin Stats page
  • members_stats.tpl -- Produces the affiliate's Stats page
  • members.tpl -- Page displayed as the index of the internal NATS system; the internal home page.
  • members_xsells.tpl -- Produces the cross sells page.
  • password_failed.tpl -- Page stating that the email address is not in the database
  • password_retreived.tpl -- Page stating that the password has been sent to the provided email address
  • password.tpl -- Page produced when the forgot password link is clicked.
  • programs.tpl -- External page for listing programs.
  • signup0.tpl -- Produces the reseller signup form
  • signup_adv0.tpl -- Produces the advanced reseller signup form
  • signup_done.tpl -- Page displayed after a reseller account has been created
  • signup_verify_fail.tpl -- Message displayed when a verify URL is wrong
  • signup_verify_ok.tpl -- Message displayed when a verify URL is correct and an account has been activated
  • sites.tpl -- External page for listing sites.

Hiding Headers and Footers

In the Templates Admin choose No Header and No Footer from the drop-down boxes to never use a header or footer for the current template.

To hide the header and footer for one time only, append the following argument to the template URL: &hide_headers=1. For example:

<a href="external.php?page=custompage&nats={$smarty.request.nats}&hide_headers=1">Custom Page</a>