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Switching From Epoch to Epoch EU

Set up on Epoch Website

Before you can begin configuring Epoch as a biller in NATS4, you must first register a merchant account with them. This can be done through their website at Make sure to record your Company Account Code, Master Code, and Salt String while registering.

Setup your site on Epoch's website or send them an e-email using their support form. In either case, you must give Epoch the following information:

  • Site Name: Your site name.
  • Pricing Options: List all pricing options you want Epoch to setup. They will send you product codes for each one.
  • Postback URL: http://linkdomain/signup/process_epoch.php

Replace linkdomain in the above example with your linkdomain. Record your Epoch Product Code for each site.

If you use a .htaccess password file and need Epoch to add and remove logins to it, you also need to give them the following information:

  • Password File Path: The path to your password file on the server.
  • Password Script URL: The URL of the epoch password script located on the same server as the site.

If you use MySql Auth for access verification, you also need to give them the following information. (Please use this method if possible.)

  • Password File Path: Tell them to set this to your NATS site ID number
  • Password Script URL: http://linkdomain/signup/passwd_epoch.php
  • Please ask Epoch to enable x_* variables for CHECK command. (This needs to be done in order for check username to work).

Replace linkdomain with your linkdomain.

Set up DataPlus

You MUST setup DataPlus. If you don't, Epoch can't tell NATS about rebills, credits, or chargebacks.

Database Permissions

There are two tables in the NATS database for Epoch's DataPlus: EpochTransStats and MemberCancelStats. You need to create a user in MySQL coming from Epoch's IP range and grant that user insert and select privileges on the above two tables. Do that by logining into MySQL with root privileges and executing the following commands:

grant insert, select on <database>.EpochTransStats to <username>@'<IP Address Range>' identified by '<password>';
grant insert, select on <database>.MemberCancelStats to <username>@'<IP Address Range>' identified by '<password>';
flush privileges;

Replace <database> with the name of your NATS database. Replace <username> is the username for the Epoch user you are creating. Replace <password> with the password for the Epoch user you are creating. Ask Epoch for their IP address range and replace <IP Address Range> with that range. You can also use the IP addresses listed in the Epoch IP lis.

Email the username and password you created along with the NATS database name and IP address to Epoch, and ask them to turn on DataPlus on both tables.

NATS EpochTransStats table has the following optional database columns. If Epoch is not already writing data for these columns, please contact Epoch and request that Epoch populate these fields as part of the Data Plus integration:

  • ets_initial_member

  • ets_return_type

  • ets_test

  • ets_prepaid

  • ets_subscription_passthrough1
  • ets_subscription_passthrough2
  • ets_subscription_passthrough3
  • ets_subscription_passthrough4
  • ets_subscription_passthrough5

Setting Up Epoch in NATS

Billers Admin

To begin setting up Epoch as a biller in NATS, go to the Billers Admin. Scroll down to the "Biller" drop-down menu, select " (Epoch Systems)," and click "Add."

Note: If you don't see as a biller in NATS4, put in a support ticket, as you may need an updated version of NATS.

When prompted, fill in the Company Code that were provided to you by Epoch under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your biller to receive it.

Sites Admin

Next, go to the Sites Admin, create or edit a tour, and scroll down to the "Biller Details" section. Edit any of the optional "EPOCH" settings available here -- these affect how certain elements on the Epoch join form appear to your members. The settings on this page include:

  • No UserPass - Disables Epoch password management @CHECK
  • EmailPlus Template - The template to display for email plus
  • Retry Count - The Number of times a surfer can retry the Epoch join form before denied.
  • Text Color - The HTML Color for main text on Epoch join form. This should be in hex format.
  • Background Color - The HTML Color for main background on Epoch join form. This should be in hex format.
  • Link Color - The HTML Color for links on Epoch join form. This should be in hex format.
  • Error Text Color - The HTML color for links on the Epoch join form. This should be in hex format.
  • EZClick Background Color - The HTML Color for main background of EZClick Table if present. This should be in hex format.
  • EZClick Text Color - The HTML Color for main text of EZClick Table if present. This should be in hex format.
  • EZClick Title Background Color - The HTML Color for header background of the EZClick Table (if present). This should be in hex format.
  • EZClick Title Text Color - The HTML Color for header text of the EZClick Table (if present). This should be in hex format.
  • Top Images - Used when a client would like to personalize their join forms a bit more. These cannot contain images of models or any other copyrighted material. They're usually just the site logo.

Once you have done this, scroll down to the section labeled "join Options for this Tour" and click the "Edit Option Details for this tour" icon that corresponds to the join option you wish to use, or create a new join option. In the "Biller Codes" section on the next page, locate the EPOCH Product Code and EPOCH List (optional) fields and enter your Product Code and List (optional).

Additionally you may wish to edit/add any additional rules to allow this option to show on your join page. You can do so with the purple arrows next to the Option row on the main Billers page. This is similar to the other rules pages in NATS.

Cross Sales

Epoch also supports Cross Sale transactions through NATS. In order to process cross sale transactions, however, you will first have to set them up with Epoch. Please contact Epoch for assistance with this.

To set up cross sales in NATS, go to the Upsells Admin and click Incoming or Outgoing cross sales from the navigation tabs at the top of the page (depending on whether you are receiving or sending the cross sale).

If you are sending a cross sale to another site, go to the "Outgoing Cross Sales" page. Add "EPOCH" from the "Biller" drop-down menu, and then click Add New Option. On the next page, you will be prompted to fill in the Title, Description, and Disclaimer for your cross sell option.

You will then need to fill out the Biller Info for your cross sale, which should have been provided to you by Epoch. Fill in your Offer Code, Offer Ref 1, and Offer Ref 2 here, choose whether you want the option to be "Tangible," and save your changes.

If you are receiving the cross sale, go to the "Incoming Cross Sales" page. Add "EPOCH" from the "Biller" drop-down menu and click Add New Option. When prompted, choose the site and program you want to associate with the cross sale.

Under "Details," fill in the title of your cross sale option, the initial membership fee and length, and the recurring fee and length. Finally, fill in your Offer Code and Product Code that you received from Epoch/Paycom in the "Biller Info" section, and click Save Changes.

If you would want to setup Cross Sale like a bundle Cross Sale options, you will enable "Epoch shopping cart api" checkbox, and you will required to enter the "Product Code for Offer Ref 1" or "Product Code for Offer Ref 2" in order to used this feature. (This feature does not work with Epoch Password Script on username check case, you must request Epoch to disable password script feature in order to used this feature).


Epoch's EZClick lets you add special offers to your epoch join forms which can make you extra money. NATS lets you to put EZClicks on your join forms and also lets you let others use EZClicks on their join forms to cross-sell one of your products.

To add an EZClick to one of your join forms, you must click the cross sells icon in the option's code row the EZClick should appear on. There you can simply add EZClicks you have setup previously.

To setup new EZClicks, use the same icon located on the very bottom of each page (Cross Sell Admin) with all the other Admin icons. There you can add and edit Cross Sells for all supported billers.

To offer one or more of your products to others as EZClicks, contact and tell them to setup a new EZClick. Give them the product code or codes (you may setup an EZClick with 2 offers) and tell them to pre-check them or not.

Now you have to setup Incoming Cross Sells via the Cross Sell Admin. This is explained on the Cross Sell Admin page directly.

Package Plus

The Epoch Flexgrade functionality has been added to NATS, after version Within NATS, this is called Package Plus integration. This feature allows you to offer your members incentives to upgrade their memberships to a higher tier in your Members Area. For more information on Package Plus, visit the Package Plus wiki.


Epoch UpgradePlus lets you shorten a Member's Trial by offering them incentives to upgrade in your Members Area. Most users do this by offering them two separate Members Areas. One for members that are only in their Trial Phase giving them only limited amount of content and a separate one which gives access to the full content for people that paid for the full month.

There are two ways to use this system:

  • MySQL Auth: If you use MySQL Auth in your Server to authenticate members using the NATS members table you can add an additional check to see if a member is in their trial or full membership and give them the right access respectively.
  • Your own System: You could also use the Site's Upgrade Post URL you can setup via the NATS Site Admin to receive upgrade notifications to your own scripts. Your scripts would then mark the member in a way you can figure out what to give them access to. We can not help you with setting up such a script though.

To use UpgradePlus on your site, you must follow the instructions located in the Epoch UpgradePlus documentation except for the following:

  • UpgradePlus URLs: The buttons or links you use to open Epoch UpgradePlus should not use the URL mentioned, but instead you should use:
  • Template returnurl: The returnurl variable you need to add to the accept offer button as mentioned in the documentation needs to be set to the following URL:

Replace <linkdomain> with the site's linkdomain. Replace <siteid> with the site's number, replace <username> with the upgrading user's username. (To get the Username with PHP, use <?=$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']?>)


Epoch now offers support for the Token Plus feature in NATS4. This feature allows members of your Token Sites to purchase additional tokens for their account, without requiring them to re-input their payment information to do so. This allows your members to easily buy additional tokens without having to go through any extra steps.

Before you can begin configuring Epoch to work with the Token Plus feature, you must first enable it for the sites you want to offer it on in the Sites Admin. Go to the Sites Admin, locate the Token Site that you want to enable this feature on, and click the "Set Join Options" action icon. Edit the join option that you want to enable Token Plus for, then check the "Token Rebuy Allowed" setting here.

For more information on this process, please see our Token Plus wiki article.

Note: In order to use the Token Plus feature with Epoch, you must have camcharge transactions enabled. If this feature is not currently on, please contact Epoch to have them enable it.
Note: You need to contact Epoch support and have them setup x_token_rebuy to be posted in dataplus in token_rebuy field.
Note: You need to contact Epoch support and ask them for the Master code and Salt String. Please update these fields within the billers admin.


As of version, Nats supports upsells with Epoch through the MemberPlus system. The upsell setup is described here: Epoch specific data is listed below:

The following fields are required for an outgoing upsell:

  • Product Code - the Epoch pi code that you want to upsell
  • Partner Company Code - the company code of the receiving end of the upsell. This will be the same as your company code if you are sending and receiving the cross sale under the same Epoch account.
  • Ref Code - the Nats ref code that is required to track the upsell.

The following fields are required for an incoming upsell:

  • Product Code - the product code that is assigned to this upsell.


Epoch supports the passing custom variables via adding the member_extra field to the UpsellPlus request. Ex. (&member_extra[<upsellid>][<customvariable>]=<customvalue>). This will allow you to send a custom variable to be stored on Epoch's end. This variable will not get recorded in NATS via the postback from Epoch.

If you would like to record additional information on the Upsell member record we suggest to use the subscription_passthrough 1-5 variables. An example of what would be added to your UpsellPlus Url:


Processing with PayPal via EPOCH

To process sales via the Epoch PayPal integration, you will want to create a PayPal cascade. Then, you need to add an Epoch biller cascade step by selecting Epoch from the Biller dropdown. Once selected, click the Add button. Once you have saved the first cascade step, NATS will display the cascade step in edit mode. From the processing Types dropdown, select PayPal. Then, click the Save button. Once the step is completely configured, you can edit the cascade description, which is used to display the payment option on your join forms. Finally, you will need to configure rule(s) for displaying this cascade to surfers.


NATS gives you the ability to set an expire padding specific to EPOCH. This can be setup in the Configuration Admin -> Biller tab.

Upgrading from No Cost Registration

If you are allowing No Cost Registration (NCR) members to upgrade to full memberships with Epoch there is a configuration you will need to change. When setting up with Epoch, you must disable the "Check" username post with Epoch to prevent this check from occurring or the surfer will not be able to submit the Epoch join form.