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The Affiliate Referral program lets an affiliate refer other affiliates and receive a percentage of their sales commission. You can further encourage referrals by setting up multiple tiers.

For example: Affiliate Alice signs up Affiliate Bob; Alice earns 10% of Bob's sales. Affiliate Bob signs up Affiliate Conrad; Bob earns 10% of Conrad's sales and Alice earns 2% of Conrad's sales. In this setup, Bob is Alice's first tier, and Conrad is Alice's second tier. You can have up to eight tiers and you can pay a different percentage for each tier.

Adding an Affiliate Program

Create a new disabled program. Name it Affiliate Referral (or something similar) and add a shortname (no spaces). Select WM Referral Program from the Program type drop menu and save. You may ignore the options checkboxes.

Under Program Default Payouts, edit default and enter the program's payouts.

  • Raw and Unq pay a flat rate on a raw or an unique hit to the site.
  • $flat is a flat rate for a referral and $min can be used to specify the minimum amount of money the referee would have to send in traffic before the referrer would get the flat rate.
  • Days Min specifies the amount of time the referee has to make the $min minimum.
  • $sale specifies how much money the referring affiliate receives for each of the referred affiliate's sales and rebills.
    • See note below about disabling $ sale for rebills.
  •  %revenue allows specifies a percentage of the referee's sale to pay the referrer.
  •  %tier2 is an easy way to set up a second percentage tier.

Go to Sites Admin page and create a new site. Name the site Affiliate Referral, fill in the short name, and select Affiliate Referral for Site Type. Then click Save Changes. Add the site to the affiliate referral program with the Programs This Site Is In section. This will be the only site to be added to this program.

Your affiliates can now grab link codes for the affiliate referral program like any other program. They will also see the payouts in their stats.

Disabling Payouts on Rebills

Any value entered in the $ sale field is paid to the referring affiliate each time the referred affiliate's members sign-up or rebill. You can disable the payout on rebills (so the referring affiliate is only paid for initial transactions) by placing the following line in your config.php:

$config['WM_REF_PAYOUT_JOIN'] = 1;

Finding an Affiliate's Referring Affiliate

Go to Affiliates Admin, enter the referring affiliate's username in the referrer box, and click search.