NATS4 Geo-Targeting Cascades

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NATS offers a Geo-Targeting feature that excludes surfers from certain cascades and join options based on their country and geographical location. This allows clients a great deal of flexibility in offering certain billing options and cascades to surfers.

Geo-Targeting A Cascade

To use geo-targeting on an entire cascade, click on the Edit icon and use the Target box to select the countries you want the cascade to work for. Select the countries you wish to exclude with the exclude box. Once you have selected what countries to include and exclude, click Save.

Creating a Geo-Targeting Cascade

To geo-target specific steps in the cascade, click on the magnifying glass and then click the edit icon of the step you want to geo-target, or select the countries you want to include and exclude with the target and exclude scroll boxes and then click Save. The step will then only be performed for those countries. It is only necessary to select countries for either the target or exclude columns, as NATS will automatically exclude all countries not selected in "Target", or include all countries not selected in "Exclude".

As of version TBD, the 'Untargeted' option has been changed to 'Unknown' and the behavior has been modified. If 'Unknown' is selected as an 'Exclude' country, then the step or cascade will be used if NATS is unable to determine the country from the ip address. The cascade and step will also be used if no 'Exclude' options are selected and NATS is unable to determine the country from the ip address.