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NATS version and later supports payment dumps to a RevUpCard account. Users of NATS or greater should skip to the section Configuring RevUpCard below. Users of earlier NATS versions should enter an upgrade support ticket or follow the steps below.

Creating RevUpCard dump format

Go to Configuration Admin, click the PayVia Tab, scroll down to the end of the Dump Format table, and "RevUpCard CSV" into the New Dump Format input box, and click the Add button. Scroll down to New Dump Format, copy, and paste the following line into the Dump Header:


Then copy & paste the following line into the Entry Header:


Click Save.

Configuring RevUpCard

Go to Configuration Admin, click the Pay-Via Tab, and locate the table titled, Currently configured Reseller Payment Systems. In the field the right of New Pay Via Option, enter RevUpCard.

After the page automatically reloads with a new payment type enter a Shortname in the Shortname field; enter one or more minimum payout choices in the Minimum Payout Choices field; enter the fee you pay for each payout in the Cost Per Payout field; select RevUpCard CVS from the Dump Format To Use list. Click the save button. For example:

  • Shortname: revupcard
  • Minimum Payout Choices: 50,100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500
  • Cost Per Payout: $2.00
  • Dump Format to Use: RevUpCard CVS

Click the second icon to the right of your new payment type (the one that looks like a scroll with a pencil) to go to the RevUpCard Structure page. Enter the following information into this form to make the advance payment type accept the RevUpCard account information:

  • Label: DDANo
  • Required: mark this checkbox
  • Min Length: 6
  • Max Length: 16

Click Save.

Your affiliates can now enter their RevUpCard account information and change their payment type to RevUpCard.