NATS4 Terms of Service feature

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NATS4 Terms of Service feature

This feature is available as of NATS

The Terms of Services (TOS) feature allows you to require affiliates to agree to a terms of service before they are able to receive payments or see any statistics. The TOS system forces the affiliate to either agree upon sign up or, if they are already signed up, forces them to agree in the My Account page of the Affiliate area. Once agreed, the affiliate would then be able to receive payouts and/or view statistics, depending upon your configuration.

Setting up Terms of Service Configuration

Within the Configuration Admin, you would navigate to the "Affiliate" section where the option "AFFILIATE_TOS_AGREE" is found in the "Payment Settings" section. This configuration has 3 possible settings:

  • Affiliate does not need to agree - TOS check is Inactive.
  • Affiliate can view Statistics and Links but Payout will not be Stored - TOS check is active but allows affiliates to view stats and retrieve links
  • Affiliate MUST agree before viewing Statistics,Links, or Receiving payout - TOS check is active and the affiliate MUST agree before viewing statistics, retrieving links, or receiving payouts.

Configuring Your Terms of Service Setting

When the configuration is set to an active setting, active affiliate will see a notification at the top of the affiliate area notifying them that they need to agree to the TOS. Affiliates attempting to join will see a checkbox where they would need to check to agree before being able to sign up.

Affiliates would need to agree before receiving payouts

Setting up Terms of Service Template

With this configuration comes a new template "external_terms" which allows you to design the overall view of the TOS page to the affiliates who have not signed up. The TOS itself can be housed in the "include_support_terms" template and will be used both internally and externally.

Resetting the terms of service agreement

If you change your TOS and you require that the affiliates agree to the new terms before receiving payouts you can reset whether affiliates have agreed to the TOS or not. This is done through a link at the top of the Affiliates Admin and is titled "Reset Terms of Service Records".

Reset Affiliate Agreement if the Terms of Service changes