Adding Extra Site Tours

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You can promote extra tour URLs for you site using the the Extra Site tours section.

Go to the Site Admin and edit the site to get the extra tour. Find the Extra Site Tours section below the main save button. Add a Shortname and click add. New boxes will appear; add the extra tour's URL and enter a description. The Name and Thumb URL fields are optional.

When affiliates get linkcodes from the linkcodes page, they can now get links for these extra tours. You can manually adjust a tour link by appending &tour=<shortname> to the URL. Replace shortname with the shortname you used earlier. For example:

http://<linkdomain>/signup/signup.php?nats=<?=(!empty($_REQUEST['nats']) && !preg_match('/[\'\"<>()\\\+\[\]]/', $_REQUEST['nats']))?$_REQUEST['nats']:'MDowOjE'?>&step=2&tour=<shortname>