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A Site Partner gets extra statistics. You can also give part of a site's revenue to the partner. Setup site partners in the Sites Admin.

In the Sites Admin, click the Edit Site button. Scroll down to the Main Site Partner section. Enter in the site partner's username in the first textbox in that section. If you want to share revenue with the partner, enter what percentage of revenue the partner should receive in the Percentage box. The Expenses box deducts a percentage before calculating the partner's revenue; for example, you can deduct 10% for server costs. The Pay Partner on Income checkbox gives the site partner their cut before affiliates are paid. Click Save Changes. They will now see stats on spstats.php.

Add more than one partner by scrolling down to the Additional Site Partner section and repeating the above instructions.

NOTE: Make sure you have a "Main Site Partner" before adding anyone into the "Additional Site Partners".

Partner Revenue Statistics

Add the following line to your members_stats template to let site partners access their partnership statistics.

{if $site_partner}<a href="/spstats.php">Site Partner Statistics</a>{/if}