Troubleshoot Chart Director

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Troubleshoot Chart Director
Fix Admin Overview Graphs

The NATS3 Chart Director allows you to display various graph images of your NATS program's statistics in areas like the Admin Overview page, for example. However, there may be times (usually after a server move) when your graphs may not load properly for your admin pages.

Re-Installing Chart Director

If your graph images are not being displayed on the Admin Overview page, follow the provided instructions:

  • Find out what system you are using (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.)
  • Navigate to the nats/includes directory.
  • Go to the official Chart Director page, located at
  • Copy the download link for the version you need into your SSH client, and perform a wget or fetch to download Chart Director to your includes directory.
  • Once you have downloaded Chart Director, unzip the provided files into the includes directory with the "tar -xzf <filename>" command.
    • Replace <filename> in the above example with the Chart Director's file name.
    • These files must be loadable by the "extension_dir" function.
  • Make sure that your extension_dir directory contains the following files:
    • phpchartdir.php
    • FinanceChart.php
    • Any .dll file beginning with "phpchartdir". For example: phpchartdir404.dll

Fixing Admin Overview Graphs

If the statistics graphs are missing from the top of your Admin Overview page, and you have followed the listed instructions above, use the following instructions to further troubleshoot your issue.

  • Log in to NATS
    • Note: This process will not work unless you are logged into a NATS admin account.
  • Right click on the broken image icon on the Admin Overview page and select "properties" from the menu.
  • Copy the URL from the Image Properties page
  • Paste the broken image's URL into the address bar of the same web browser, and press enter.
  • View the error page that loads -- this page should show you the error, and link to a page with a list of solutions for each error.
  • Follow the instructions for your error.


If you have followed all of the listed instructions in this wiki article, ensured that all of the required files are on your NATS server, and your Chart Director images are still not displaying properly on your Admin Overview page, please put in a support ticket.