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NATS4 Upgrade Changelog
The New NATS4.1 Affiliate Adtools
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New NATS4 Affiliate Support

The Affiliate Adtools pages in NATS4.1 feature a redesigned interface, aimed at making the process of finding and grabbing adtools quicker and more intuitive for affiliates. This includes reorganized adtool categories, new features, and a better tailored search function.


Create a new campaign or modify a currently existing campaign to track your affiliate promotions with. You can also view that statistics recorded under a specific campaign, or hide a specific campaign from your statistics reports.

Creating and Managing Your Campaigns


Grab basic linkcodes for any of the sites you are promoting, see details of what's stored in those linkcodes, and modify your Linkcode Settings to change the information stored in those codes. You can also build a custom dump of your affiliate linkcodes with the "View as:" icons here.

Managing and Altering Your Linkcodes

Site Selection

Choose the specific adtool type you want to promote from the table provided here. Clicking on any of the links here brings you to the page for that specific adtool type.

Choosing an Adtool Type to Promote With

Linkcode Settings

Edit your linkcodes on the fly, and choose what campaign, program, link style, and site you want to associate with your linkcodes here. You can also create and modify affiliate campaigns in this section.

Altering Your Adtool Linkcodes

Adtool Search

Each adtool type in NATS4.1 has unique search options that vary based on the adtool you are searching for. These specified adtool searches help you find adtools faster.

Searching Through Your Adtools

Mark Adtools as Old

Making adtools as "Old" helps to ensure that you only adtools that have been recently added. After you mark your available adtools as "Old", you will be able to click a date link that only displays adtools added since the last time you marked them as "Old."

Marking Your Adtools as Old

View As: Icons

These icons allow you to switch between various ways to view your adtools. You can choose from the Table View (always available), Full Size Image Dump (view full previews of your banners; available on image and flash banners), View as a Dump (create a custom dump of your adtools; available on free hosted galleries, feeds, embedded videos, hosted videos, and free sites), View as an RSS Feed (always available), and Export as XML (always available).

Changing Your Adtool Views

Custom Dumps

Use the Custom Dumps feature to create a dump for your adtools, using any format you want and including whatever adtool information you want. You can copy and paste your dump text, get a direct URL link, or download your dump in the file format you chose.

Creating a Custom Adtool Dump