NATS4 Post-Biller Templates

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When a surfer's transactions on a site are approved, denied, or upgraded, they are typically sent to an external URL. However instead of sending members to an external URL after their transaction is processed, NATS can instead send them to a custom internal URL using post-biller templates.

Customizing a Post-Biller Template

This template's layout is customizable through the use of Smarty.

To edit the templates go to the Sites Admin, edit or create a tour, click the Templates tab, and find the following templates: page_approval, page_denial, page_upgrade_approval, and page_upgrade_denial.

Click the customize template icon, and edit your template with the text you want to display after the surfer has completed their transaction or has been denied.

When editing the template, you can use the $site, $member, and $option Smarty arrays in order to create a custom template for members to be redirected to after their transaction has been completed. For example, the default page_approval template can say something along the lines of:

You joined site {$} with the following information:
Username: {$member.username}
Password: {$member.password}

This displays a short message to the surfer, as well as informing them of their Username and Password through an automated script if their transaction has been approved. This function allows clients flexibility if they want to keep surfers on their internal URLs after a transaction has occurred.