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Second Sign-up Matching
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The new member matching feature of the member details (surfer stats) page finds duplicate member information to help you identify duplicate sign-ups.

This feature reports duplicates among the following eight fields: Signup IP (Full, B-Class, and C-Class), Email address, Last Name, Full Name, Password and Address Line 1 information. You can control what NATS considers as a duplicate by adding one or more of the following variables to includes/config.php.


NATS reports duplicate fields, even if they're blank, if you set a variable to 0. NATS reports duplicate fields, but not blanks, if you set a variable to 1. NATS doesn't report duplicate fields if you set a variable to 2. NATS speeds up when it doesn't need to report duplicates.

Note: NATS only checks for duplicate member fields when new members are added or accounts are updated during biller polling. NATS warns you about duplicate members in the Member Note entry; these entries are independent of the duplicate member check and will persist even if you turn off duplicate member checking.