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Not only can you use the action icons available to you in the Sites Admin to alter your join options, you can also perform some useful actions for your join options with additional settings available on these pages.

Excluding Billers from Join Options

To exclude a certain biller from being used with a specific join option, go to the Sites Admin and edit a site from your list here. Scroll down to your list of join options and edit the join option you want to remove biller functionality from.

Under "Biller Codes," delete any information for the biller you want to disable. All biller settings will be labeled with the biller's name at the beginning of the setting.

Any biller without the necessarily information here will not be enabled for the join option you are editing.

Join Options Order

The NATS join form allows you to re-order the cascades listed on that page, allowing you to change the order of the join options available to your members.

Cascades in NATS are listed in alphabetical order, sorted by short name. To change the listed order of your cascades, go to the Billers Admin and scroll down to your cascades.

Edit the cascade you would like to change the order of, and change its short name. Since your cascades are listed in alphabetical order, make sure to set the short names to match the order you wish to place them in.

If you want to set your "check" cascade to appear below your "credit card" cascade, for example, rename your "check" cascade to something that will appear after "credit card", like "z".

Once you're done changing the order of your cascade(s), click Save.

Denying Join Options for Old Members

NATS allows you to prevent your existing members from using specific join options. This can be useful if you want to offer a discounted join option as a promotion for new members, without allowing your current members to use that options.

To do this, go to the Sites Admin and edit the site that contains the join option you wish to edit. Create a new join option or edit a currently existing join option, and locate the "Disallow for Old Members" checkbox. Simply check this box to disable that option for your current members.

Save your changes once you're finished, and your chosen join option will no longer be available to members who have previously registered for your site.