Linkcode Decoding

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Linkcode Decoding

If you want to manually encode or decode a NATS3 link code, you should use a custom PHP script in order to do this, as including NATS functions for encoding or decoding a link code will create unnecessary overhead. You would also only be able to run the NATS functions on the NATS server. Instead of using a NATS function here, we recommend that you use a custom script, such as the ones in the following examples.

Decoding a Link

You can use this example PHP script to decode NATS link codes.

$data = "MjE3OjY6MTE";

if($argv[1]) $data = $argv[1];
$chars = strlen($data);
$add = 4 - ($chars % 4);
if ($add < 4) while($add--) $data .= '=';

list($campaign, $program, $site) = explode(':', base64_decode($data));
echo "Campaign: $campaign \nProgram: $program \nSite: $site \n\n";

Encoding a Link

You can use this example PHP script to encode NATS link codes.

$campaignid = '38';
$programid = '21';
$siteid = '13';

$data = str_replace('=', '', base64_encode($campaignid.':'.$programid.':'.$siteid));
echo $data."\n";