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Adding a new IPSP, Internet Payment Service Processor, requires changes to NATS and testing, which we can no longer do for free. For pricing please contact sales, 732-385-1536 extension 1135 or sales@toomuchmedia.com.

We do integrations on a first-come, first-serve basis -- the IPSPs ahead of you will be finished before yours is started. You may need to expand or change some parts of your system; we will notify as soon as we discover a missing feature. Your biller must send recurring membership, refund, credit, and chargeback information to NATS using a postback or through a poll.

What's Needed

Here's what we need before you can become a IPSP in NATS.


We need documentation on your URLs, data formats, data fields, and your responses -- including error responses. We also need sample responses and error codes. Sample code will be useful, but is not required.

Please see the Biller Details Query Letter for more information.

Test Account Information

We need a test account for test sign-ups. We don't need a full account, but we must be able to perform all of the following actions: login, configure our site, and add products to our site. Please tell us if you have test credit card numbers.

Forcing Actions

We want the ability to force refunds and chargebacks during our testing. If your system only allows data pulls once an hour, please lift this restriction on us during the testing period.