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A NATS site is a website promoted through a NATS affiliate program. Most site administration occurs in Sites Admin. Sites have one name, main tour URL, linkdomain, and shortname. Sites may have multiple join options, site partners, and extra tour URLs.

Types of Sites

NATS tracks traffic for several different site types.

  • Membership Sites credit affiliates for referring members.
  • Store Sites credit affiliates for referring sales made through a shopping cart.
  • Third-Party Sites credit affiliates for referring members to a site you don't own, but which you promote as if it were you own site.
  • Webmaster Referral Sites credit affiliates for referring new affiliates.

Site, Join Form, and Tracking basics

NATS tracks incoming traffic to your landing page.

Figure 1.1: Sites Tracking Flow Model

Traffic goes to he NATS tracking script, the landing page, the NATS sign-up form, and the cascading system. (Note: some sites don't use the cascade system.) This lets NATS track referrals, sign-ups, and purchases without hosting your content. A linkdomain hides the NATS server from the surfer.

Site Attributes

  • The Name represents the site to affiliates.
  • The URL lets NATS send traffic to your landing page.
  • Join options let surfers join your site.
  • The join form template lets you customize your site's join page.
  • The Sparta URL applies to users of the discontinued SPARTA product. It sets the Sparta-protected domain for this given site.
  • The Language & GeoIP Settings let you specify the Allowed Languages. If the surfer's language isn't allowed, NATS redirects them to the Alternative URL. You may also specify language-specific redirects.
  • The Email Events send emails about specific action. To send an email, fill in the subject line and optionally edit the email template.
  • Approval, Denial, and Upgrade Actions let you display a customizable template or send surfers to a URL after an approval, denial, or upgrade. Note that the templates themselves are completely blank by default.

Postback URLs

You may specify postback URLs for a variety of other events:

  • Recurring Billing (Rebill) transaction,
  • Credit (refund) transaction,
  • Chargeback transaction,
  • Member Expirations,
  • Username Verification Posts, and
  • Pre-join form submission posts.

NATS post all related information about the above events to its postback URL. For example, all of the pre-join information is sent to the pre-join postback URL when a surfer submits the pre-join form.

User Management URL

NATS posts to the user management URL every time it changes the access permissions for a member. You can use a user management script to maintain an external member authentication database or password file.

NATS comes with an example User Management script in nats/includes/htpass.php. Posts to this script expect return values in a particular format; please read the Site User Management article for details.

Site Partners

NATS lets you turn affiliates into partners that share in the total revenue of a specific site. You can set the percentage the partner gets paid and deduct expenses. Sites may have more than one site partner, but NATS won't stop you from paying your site partners more than 100% of your total revenue.

Biller Details

The Biller Details section lists site-specific options for the billers that may be used on this site. The Biller Instructions menu on the right side of this page contains specific instructions for each biller.

Extra Tours

If you don't set up extra tours, NATS always sends surfers to your main tour URL. If you do set up extra tours, NATS inspects the surfers referral code and sends them to the tour the affiliate specified. You can use multiple tours to completely customize what the surfer sees when they visit your site.

Join Options

Join Options represent the memberships and products your surfers purchase. Join options have the following attributes:

  • Free Pre-Initial check box lets you indicate that there is a free period included before the Initial period and charge for this join option. Your biller must support this.
  • Join Form Text sets the text that's displayed on the pre-join form for this option.
  • Disallow for Old Members rejects sign-ups by accounts that purchased trial or full memberships before.
  • Active for all Programs makes the join option available to all programs.


The Cascades tab lets you set which cascades should be be used by a specific site.

Default Payouts

The Default Payouts section lets you override the default payout settings. Note: these settings may be overridden by affiliate specific payouts. You can alter the per Program / Join Option / Site payouts, enable disabled join options or disable enabled join options on a per-program basis, disable trial join options from Pay Per Sign-up programs, or specify the default join option for your join forms for this site