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NATS4 supports payment dumps to an ePayServices account. This allows you to pay affiliates for referrals they have made by simply depositing the sum they are owed into their ePayServices account.

Enabling ePayServices

To enable ePayServices as a payment method for your affiliates, go to your Payments Admin and under the Pay Via type tab you will see ePayServices as an available option.

Note: If ePayServices is not available as a possible payment method. Please submit a ticket asking us to add it to your program.

Click on the Green Arrow for ePayServices to enable this payment method for all your affiliates

Your affiliates will now be able to enter their ePayServices account information and change their payment type to ePayServices.

Additional Payment Method Dump Options

By default, NATS provides a basic payout dump which will be compatible with ePayServices. This Payout Dump includes type, account number, sum of payment, currency, and description(8-50 chars). Additional dump options with ePayServices include:

  • Protection Code (8-32 chars and optional) - A code known by you and your affiliates to confirm that payments are coming from you.
  • Protection Time (days integer, optional) - The number of days that the Protection Code is valid.

To add these options you will need to copy the ePayServices Dump format provided and add these additional optional fields.