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Adding a cascade

A cascade sends customers through multiple billers in order to encourage more customers to sign-up.

  1. Two cascades are created if you select a biller that has both credit card and check processing. You may use or ignore these default cascades.
  2. Click on the Add a Cascade tab at the top.
  3. On the next page, enter a short name for the cascade, a description, the weight, and the first biller. The short name must not contain spaces.
  4. Click Save
  5. When all cascade options have been tried, NATS sends the customer to the Denial URL.

Editing the Steps in a Cascade

  1. Click on the View icon (magnifying glass) on the cascade to view the biller order already set up in this cascade.
  2. Other billers can be selected from the dropdown box below the cascade. After clicking Add, the biller will appear in Edit mode.
  3. The billing type is selected with the first drop down.
  4. By selecting a country in Target (or Exclude), the cascade only performs (or does not) that step for people of that country. Multiple countries can be selected by holding down the CTRL key while selecting. Selecting no billers selects all billers. CTRL and re-clicking will unselect an item. GeoIP is required for this feature.
  5. After saving, four options appear in the biller option line: arrows that will move the option up or down in the list, edit, and delete.
  6. There are 4 other options in the dropdown box that can be used to set up a cascade:
  • Stop Cascade -- stop executing the cascade
  • Switch Cascade -- switches between one cascade and another
  • Show Template -- shows a template on the site
  • Redirect -- sends them to a designated web page

Editing the Cascade's Details

  1. Edit changes the cascades details
  2. Two features use the Weight setting
    1. NATS switches between two cascades with the same description, using the weight to decide which to display. The higher weight will appear more.
    2. 256 autocascade skips the join form cascade selection and sends the surfer directly to the first biller in the cascade. Usually used with geo-targeting.
  3. Hide cascade allows you to associate the cascade with a site but not have it appear on the join form. You can use this to offer the cascade later, like on the Denial template.
  4. Target/Exclude can be used on the entire cascade. This will actually add or remove it from the join form

Editing the Join Form

  1. Click on the Templates icon (Scrolled piece of paper) in line with the site. You will get a set of templates for each site and each site's tour.
  2. Displayed on this page will be a list of templates for the various join forms used by NATS as well as the Mail and Approval/Denial templates. You can jump to another site's or tour's templates with the drop-downs at the top
  3. Click Customize first and then Edit to open up the Join file for editing. This will open a text box containing the code for that form.
  4. You can customize the look of these pages by placing your HTML into this form.