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Creating an Affiliate Payment Option Form

Add your Affiliate Payment Option to the Currently Configured Affiliate Payment Systems table. Start by adding the name of the payment type to the New Pay Via Option box and clicking Add. In the open form add your shortname, allowable 'Minimum Payout' choices, cost per payout, and select the dump format to use. Click Save. Your new reseller payment option form will be bound to the shortname you chose.

Under actions, click the Create Form button. Label is the field name in the form and the table. Check the Required box to require it and add the minimum and maximum length of the field. Click Save. Repeat until you have all the fields set up for the form. You can edit, change the field order, and delete from this page after the fields are added.

Editing a Affiliate Payment Option Form

On the Pay Via Admin, click the Edit form button. All of the fields will be listed with an Edit button under actions. Click it, make your changes, and click Save. The form and the table will be updated.

You can also delete fields from this view. These fields continue to exist in the database, but they'll be removed from the form and won't be populated. This allows you to re-add this field at any time and preserves the information already stored there.

Reverting back to the Default Affiliate Payment Option Form

You can revert back to the original template with the Revert button in the Skins and Templates Admin. On the Pay Via Admin click the Revert button under actions for the reseller payment option you would like to change back to the default. You'll see the edit and revert buttons disappear and the create button return. Clicking Create again restores your customized one.