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We rearranged the Adtools Admin to make finding your adtools more intuitive, and to accommodate the new adtool types in NATS4.1. This lets you quickly find, edit, remove, or add adtools for your affiliates to use.

Adtool Categories and Types

Click the "View Adtool" action icon for any of these types to see a list of your adtools. You can then edit the adtool's options or display rules.

Editing Your Adtools

Geo Targeted Banners

You can now upload Geo Targeted Banners for your affiliates to use. These banners take information about a surfer's location based on their IP address, then display text based on that by using Smarty code.

Uploading Geo Targeted Banners

Fan Signs

Fan Signs let you or your affiliates place their own text in an image adtool. You can use Smarty variables to display surfer information, or use dynamic text to allow affiliates to add their own text.

Uploading Fan Signs

Flash Videos

You can now upload flash videos in three separate adtool categories -- Downloadable Videos, Embedded Videos, and Hosted Videos. This lets affiliates advertise your Flash Videos in a variety of ways.

The Flash Video Adtool Types

Interactive Adtools

Promote your sites with interactive adtools, which allow surfers to interact with the adtool themselves. This includes Page Peel Ads, IM Popups, and Footer Ads.

The Interactive Adtool Types

Page Overlay Ads

Overlays allow you to upload images to NATS, which can then be displayed on any of your site's pages as promotional material.

Uploading a Page Overlay

Build Your Own Anything Module

Like most NATS features, the NATS4 version of the Build Your Own Anything Module is easier than ever to use. For complete instructions, please see the NATS4 Build Your Own Anything Module article.

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