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The way you setup your referral program affects the location of your affiliates' referral statistics pages. If Too Much Media Technical Support setup your affiliate referral program, please skip to the instructions at the bottom of this page. If you setup your affiliate program using the affiliate referrals instructions, please read the following section.

New Affiliate Referral Statistics

Affiliates can view your affiliate referral program like a regular program. Go to the Affiliate Overview, click the Stats link, and click the Program drop-down box. Select the name of your affiliate referral program and click Get Stats.

View Stats for the Affiliate Referrals Program

Old Affiliate Referral Statistics

Affiliates can view their referral earnings in the Affiliate Referral Stats page, referrals.php. This report displays earnings information based on a date range only and cannot be broken down or grouped.

Figure 1.1 - The Referral Stats Page for Affiliates
Figure 1.2 - The Referral Stats Page Example Results