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NATS4 Upgrade Changelog
The New NATS4 Sites Admin
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The NATS4 Sites Admin cleans up the site action icons. The table below lists the differences between the NATS3 and NATS4 action icons.

Name NATS3 NATS4 Notes
Edit Site Details Pen 16.gif Pen 16.gif
Edit Sign-up Form Templates Edit script 16.gif Script 16.gif
Duplicate Site Copy 16.gif NATS4 no longer supports this option.
Configure Default Payouts and Enabled Options Database 16.gif See Programs Admin, the Commissions Tab
Setup Cascades Biller 16.gif
Show All Active Members User 16.gif Use The Members Admin Search in NATS4
Show All Expired Members Disableduser 16.gif Use The Members Admin Search in NATS4
Profit/Loss Report Profitloss 16.gif Use The Reports Admin in NATS4
Delete This Site Trash 16.gif Trash 16.gif
Add New Tour Addtext 16.gif Was In The NATS3 Edit Site Details
Set Active Programs Lgicn 16.gif Was In The NATS3 Edit Site Details
Configure Redirects Go 16.gif Was In The NATS3 Edit Site Details
Edit Site Partners Group 16.gif
Set Join Options Cash 16x16.gif

Site Tours

We moved the options in NATS3's Edit Site page into the Edit Tour page. You can access this page by selecting a tour and clicking the Edit Tour button.

Edit Site Tour

For each tour, you can now change the GeoIP targeting, billers, join options, and other settings. For example: one site can now offer different join options for an email tour and a console tour.

The New Site Tours

Each tour uses the default tour's settings until you override them. You don't need to change every setting on a new tour's page: just change the settings you want to be different from the default tour.

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