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Moneybookers is included in NATS4. NATS4 admins can skip these instructions.

Adding a Moneybookers PayVia.

Since the Moneybookers PayVia is similar to ePassporte, start by copying the ePassporte table. Run the following MySQL command to create the table: (add any additional fields if needed)

CREATE TABLE accounts_pv_shortname (
loginid int unsigned NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
pv_epp char(64) NOT NULL

Replace shortname with a shortname. We suggest you use the shortname, mbook.

Go to the Templates Admin and create a new template to get the PayVia information from affiliates. Name the template, signup_adv_via_shortname.tpl. Replace shortname with the shortname you used in the paragraph above. Create a form in the template matching the fields of the table you created above. Since Moneybookers is similar to ePassporte, the easiest way is to adapt ePassporte's from for Moneybookers. The ePassporte's template is named signup_adv_via_epp.

Go to the Payments Admin, go to the Pay Via Admin, go to the Dump Formats section, and add a new dump. Setup the new dump format using the table fields you created as variables. For example:

Dump Header (this is 2 lines):

Moneybookers dump format
Account | Amount | Description

Entry Header (this is 1 line):

{$pv_epp} | {$total} {$date_today_short} Your Company Name

In the Reseller Payment Systems section, configure the Advanced Reseller Join From, name the new PayVia, and click Add. Name the dump with the same shortname you used earlier.

You can now create new payment options using your new PayVia.

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