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The Affiliate Hosted Adtool section dumps adtool information in many file formats. By default, it displays the adtool information and presets the dump format select boxes to name, description, URL, and thumbnail URL.

To change these defaults, put the following code on the members_adtools_adv_hosted template.

{if $default_settings}
{assign var="column0" value="field"}
{assign var="column1" value="field"}
{assign var="column2" value="field"}
{assign var="column3" value="field"}
{assign var="column4" value="field"}
{assign var="column5" value="field"}
{assign var="dump_delim" value="delim"}
{assign var="dump_delim_char" value="delimchar"}

This code, or a variation of the code, needs to be placed into the template *above* where the column[0]-column[5] select boxes are generated on this template.

  • Possible values for "field" are: linkurl, name, date_nice, date_added, num, description, desc2, desc3, desc4, desc5, desc6, thumb, thumb2, thumb3, thumb4, thumb5, thumb6.
  • Possible values for "delim" are (without the quotes): "|", "TAB", ",", ";", ":", "CSV"
  • (For "delimchar", use the same value you used for delim.)