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To add a popup to a popup chain, Go to the Popup/Exit Admin. In the Current Popup Chains section, enter a name for the pop-up, select a program, select the popup type, set the window-size, and click Add Chain.

Select the ads to show in the chain. You can choose to use a full URL or a site name; if you choose a site name, enter a relative path to the ad. For example, /popups/exit1.html. Enter all the popups in the chain.

You can change the ad order by clicking the up and down arrows. If a surfer starts viewing the chain in the middle, the next popup will be the next popup, not the first popup.

Click the Rules icon to configure when the exit should pop, configure the rules, and click Add Rule. Repeat for additional rules. You must have a show rule rule it to pop, but you can more than one show rule. If you set two show rules, one of the rules will be picked at random; you can change how often a rule is picked using the percentage field. A matching hide rule eliminates a chain.

Go to the Sites Admin and edit site. In the Default Links & Codes section, copy the Popup Code and paste it into any page where the popups should appear.


   * Place this in the body tag: onUnload = "natsExit();"
   * Add this to any link that shouldn't have popups come from it: onClick = "natsShowExit=false;" 
     (if you don't want it to pop from any link add this last bit to the body tag too)

Rule Override

If you append &chain=1 to a popup URL, the popup will bypasses your popup chain rules. For example:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.site.com/popup_code.php?nats={$nats_code}&chain=1"></script>