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This page is here to give you a list of common mailers that are done through NATS4.

NOTE: Even when copying these examples you should ALWAYS run test e-mails to make sure your e-mail is sent out properly.

Latest FHG

Template Functions Used


Code Example

{foreach from=$sites key=site_id item=site_name}
    <b>5 Latest FHG for {$site_name}:</b><br />
    {display_adtools data_only=1 order="published_date DESC" count=5 category=2 typeid=2 siteid=$site_id programid=1}     
    {foreach from=$adtools key=adtool_id item=adtool_data}
        {nats_encode siteid=$site_id programid=1 userid=$toid adtoolid=$adtool_data.adtoolid url=1}
	<a href="{$encoded}">{$}</a><br />
	<b>{$adtool_data.description}</b><br />
    <br /><br />
  • "{list_sites}" - is creating an array with sites that are *not* hidden
  • "{foreach from=$sites key=site_id item=site_name}" - will loop through every site defining a variable for both its id(key) and name(item)
  • "5 Latest FHG for {$site_name}": - will display the text "5 Latest FHG for " and then your current site name
  • "{display_adtools data_only=1 order="published_date DESC" count=5 category=2 typeid=2 siteid=$site_id}" - doesnt actually display anything, what it does is grab paramaters such as order, count, category, typeid, and siteid. As you can see in this example, it will grab the latest 5 adtools within category 2 (hosted galleries)and typeid 2 (free hosted galleries) for siteid of the current site the loop is on.
  • "{foreach from=$adtools key=adtool_id item=adtool_data}" - will loop through every adtool defining a variable for both its id and data.
  • "{nats_encode siteid=$siteid programid=1 userid=$toid adtoolid=$adtool_id}" - will do the nats encode of the current site in the loop with the paramaters of programid, userid, adtoolid which would be the current adtoolid of the loop
  • "<a href="{$encoded}">{$}</a>" - will display the url and the name of the adtool
  • "{$adtool_data.description}" - will display the details given in the description for each adtool.