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To send email to affiliates when they sign-up, go to the Configuration Admin and fill in the following three fields:

  • EMAIL_FROM_RESELLER -- your email address
  • EMAIL_RESELLER_SIGNUP -- the subject of your sign-up email
  • EMAIL_RESELLER_SIGNUP_CC -- Send a carbon copy of the email to this address (optional)

Change the message sent to affiliates by editing the mail_reseller_signup template.

Geo-Targeting Signup Emails

You can send an email to affiliates from only one country by geo-targeting the mail_reseller_signup template.

Put an if statement around the activation link in the template. For example, to only send signup emails to U.S. affiliates, use the following code:

{if $ == 'US'}
<a href="http://<linkdomain>/signup_verify.php?lid={$memberid}&verify={$verify}">Activate</a>

Test Emails

If you send a test email to yourself, some parts may be missing. This happens to you because you don't have all of the usual affiliate variables assigned. For example, you don't have a Trail Setting, Site ID, Site Name, Site URL, or any Rebills. Don't worry: these fields will be filled in on real affiliate emails.