NATS3 Password Retrieval

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Each NATS Site has a password retrieval page. Send members to this page by adding the following link to any page in your members area.

  • http://linkdomain/signup/password.php?siteid=siteID

Replace linkdomain with your linkdomain and replace SiteID with your site's I.D. number.

Append &subject="Email subject" to the URL above to change the subject of the email sent to the user. The default subject is "Your Password!"

On the form, your members can retrieve their info by entering either their email or their subscription I.D. number.

Check multiple Sites

If you have more than one site that shares a members area (so you aren't sure which site this member joined under) you can send a list of siteids and NATS will check for any site within the list.

  • http://linkdomain/signup/password.php?sitelist=1,2,3,4

Would check for sites 1,2,3 and 4. To use this change, you also want to modify the page_password_retreival template to include

<input type="hidden" name="sitelist" value="{$smarty.request.sitelist}">

Password Retrieval Templates

You can edit the password form by changing the following templates. The page_password_retreival template changes the retrieval form where the member enters their email address or member I.D. number. NATS shows the page_password_retreival_failed template when the member's email address or member I.D. isn't found, or NATS couldn't send the email. NATS shows page_password_retrieval_success after it successfully email the member.

  • Note: the word retreival is misspelled in the template names for backward compatibility.

You can change the emails sent to members by editing the mail_password_retreival [sic] template. You can put information about the member and the members site in the template using the {$member} and {$sites} Smarty arrays. For example:

{$member.firstname} {$member.lastname}:

We have received your request to retrieve your {$config.NICE_NAME} password.

Account Details:
Username: {$member.username}
Password: {$member.password}

-- Your {$config.NICE_NAME} Team

Mailing a member their old password may allow a hacker to get access to the member's other accounts. You can increase your member's security by having NATS generate a random password before emailing the user. Go to Configuration Admin, click the Members tab, and mark the MEMBERS_PASS_REGEN checkbox.

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