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Setting Affiliate Specific Join Options and Per Option Payouts

In the Sites Admin, you will find an icon under actions labeled "Configure Default Payouts and Options", represented by an icon that looks like a server or network printer. This allows you to enable or disable certain join options on a per program, per site basis, set the default join option for each program, and also set custom payouts on a per program, per site basis.

Overriding as an Affiliate

In order to override as an affiliate, you must first find their account in the Affiliate's Admin. This may be done by browsing through the Affiliate's admin, or by using the search criteria found on the main page of the Affiliate's admin. Once you've located the correct affiliate account, you will find an icon under "actions" labeled "Become Reseller", represented by a small person wearing a green jacket, as seen in figure 1.3. Figures 1.1 through 1.4 visually explain overriding as an affiliate:

Figure 1.1 - Reseller Search
Figure 1.2 - Overriding as a Reseller
Figure 1.3 - Override Notification
Figure 1.4 - Override Completed

After you have located the proper affiliate account, clicked the Override Icon, and finally returned to the Sites Admin, you may now make Affiliate-specific changes to the program / site / join option settings. Please note that clicking the Override Icon in the Resellers Admin will redirect you to the main program page, so you will have to navigate back into the admin area after you override. Also, when overriding as a Reseller, you'll notice in Figure 1.3, that it clearly displays Override:(Reseller Name) with an "off" link - do not forget to click the "off" link when you've completed your task. If you fail to do so, you will remain in Override Mode and may inadvertently make changes that area affiliate specific, rather than general.

The Configure Default Payouts and Options Interface

To alter the option and program specific payout and join option settings for a given site, you must first click the Default Payout and Enabled Options Icon in the Sites Admin. See Figures 2.1 through 2.3 for details:

Figure 2.1 - Edit Default Payout and Enabled Options
Figure 2.2 - Edit Default Payout and Enabled Options
Figure 2.3 - Edit Option Specific Payout

When visiting the Sites Admin in as described in Figures 1.4 and 2.1, you may access the Join Option / Program specific payout settings as depicted in Figure 2.2. Each Option and Program combination has a separate entry in this interface. You may perform the following actions on each join option for each program:

  • A - The Edit (pencil) Icon allows you to set the $join, $rebill, $active, %join, and %rebill field values. For all programs other than the "Default Options", the values will default to that which is defined by the program itself.
  • B - The Disable (Red Slashed Circle) Icon allows you to disable a specific Join Option for a Specific Program. This might be useful if you offer Trial Join Options and wish to disable the Trial option for Pay Per-Signup programs only.
  • C - The Set as Default radio button allows you to specify which of the Join Options for that program will be automatically selected by default when the Join Form is displayed.
  • D - The Revert (Green Arrow) Icon allows you to enable a disabled Join Option for a specific Program. The opposite of item B.

Customizing the Join Options and/or Payouts

For each Join Option and each Program, you may modify the individual payouts for those Join Options, disable that Join Option for that Program, and/or set that Join Option as the Default Join Option on the Join form for all traffic coming that particular Program. NATS checks for payout information in the follow fashion from the following sources - if NATS doesn't find payout information in any of these items, it will move on to the next:

  1. NATS checks the current stats for a combination of the date, affiliate, program, site, and option that matches the current transaction being processed.
  2. if there are no matching stats entries, NATS checks for special or "Temporary" payouts. These are special payouts set to last for a specific duration of time and affect all affiliates globally.
  3. if no stats or special payouts exist, the actual payouts are checked. This is done with the following priority:
  4. if no other payout data can be located from any of the regular sources, NATS will attempt to derive payout information from historic stats. This is almost never used, since in 99.9% of cases, item 3D as listed above will return payout data.

The important thing to note is that if you make any affiliate / option / site / program specific payouts, they will take precedence over regular program payouts and even program / site / option specific payouts. Any affiliate specific changes that you make can only be viewed or altered again by overriding as the affiliate and viewing the settings - please perform changes as such with great caution and record these changes in the affiliate notes field for future reference.