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Billers are third-party payment processors that handle all membership and merchandise purchases. Most program owners find it advantageous to outsource the transaction handling liability to a third-party rather than bearing that liability directly. NATS can easily use the industry's top payment processors through a single interface, giving you a greater chance of successfully converting your traffic into income.

Billers in NATS

You must add a record to the Billers Admin for each of your biller accounts.

Basic Biller Attributes

Most billers in NATS have similar attributes. For example, most billers have account numbers or usernames. To get a list of the biller attributes for the billers you want to use, please see the specific Biller Instructions in the right-side menu.

Figure 1.1 - The Biller Fee Fields

Billers deduct fees from each of your transactions. You can set those fees in the Billers Admin and NATS will automatically mark those fees as a loss for your Profit and Loss report.