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Setting Up at 2000Charge

Before you can begin configuring 2000Charge as a biller in NATS4, you must first register a merchant account with them. This can be done through their website at

While registering with 2000Charge, make sure to take down the Client ID, Site ID, and Pricepoints that they provide to you. This information will be necessary for setting up 2000Charge in NATS4. And, you will need to provide 2000Charge with the IP address of the NATS server.

2000Charge will request redirect and postback URL locations from you:

  • Use the following URL for the Approval Redirect URL:
  • Use the following URL for the Decline Redirect URL:
  • Use the following URL for the Postback URL:

Replace linkdomain above with your site's linkdomain.

2000charge will also request to know the IP address your NATS server will use for the NATS Poll. For load balanced clusters, you may have to provide multiple or an IP range.

Setting Up 2000Charge in NATS

Billers Admin

To begin setting up 2000Charge as a biller in NATS4, go to the Billers Admin. Scroll down to the "Setup New Biller" drop-down menu, select 2000Charge (in the T's), and click "Add."

When prompted, fill in the Client ID that was provided to you by 2000Charge under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your biller to receive it. Save your changes once you have filled out the available fields here.

Please note: When setting up your cascades, if you do not see 17 options in the Processing Types drop down for 2000charge you need to put in a ticket to ask NATS to upgrade your '2000charge Native Integration'. There is no charge, and it is a quick upgrade.

Sites Admin

To continue setting up your new biller, go to the Sites Admin, and create or edit a tour. On the Edit Tour page, scroll down to the "Biller Details" section and locate the 2000Charge subsection, which will be labeled as TWOCHARGE. Here, you can enter your ID for the site, which must correspond to the information you have received from 2000Charge.

Next, scroll down to the Join Options for this Tour section and add a new join option, or edit a currently existing one. On the "Add New Join Option" page, you will see several additional payment processing options listed under TWOCHARGE. Each of these have a unique Pricepoint that must be provided by 2000Charge. Simply enter the Pricepoint numbers for the payment processing types you wish to use for this join option, and click Save.

Note that the same price point is used for all payment processing types for that membership option. For example, if you get the below price points from 2000charge:

  • $10 for 30 no rebill: 10213100
  • 90 days for $30: 10213102

You will set:

$10 for 30 no rebill

  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) SEPA Pricepoint:(optional) 10213100
  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) GiroPay Pricepoint:(optional) 10213100
  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) PaySafe Card Pricepoint:(optional) 10213100
  • (etc)

90 days for $30

  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) SEPA Pricepoint:(optional) 10213102
  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) GiroPay Pricepoint:(optional) 10213102
  • TWOCHARGE (id:3) PaySafe Card Pricepoint:(optional) 10213102

‘Combination’ Payment Option

Combination is listed among the other payment options. This is a general purpose button that bypasses geotargeting of payment options and shows all payment options on the 2000Charge payment page. You enter the pricepoint in the combination field, and use a generic payment button link such as ‘join now’. When clicked, the user will be shown all available payment options for his region and allow him to choose, taking the decision away from you. While not commonly used, some programs prefer this option.

Once you have configured 2000Charge in your tour(s) and join option(s), you can add rules that allow this join option to show on a join page. You can do so by clicking the "Set Display Rules" icon next to a corresponding join option. You must have at least one rule configured for this join option to be functional!

Localized Join Forms

The following instructions describe localizing your NATS pre-join form to only show available products for that region: Geo-Target Join Options. By using the Geo-Target Join Options available in NATS, you can create different cascades for each product to use for each country that you process transactions from -- this allows you to limit the join options to only show when available for that region. For example, you can limit the GiroPay cascade to only show for German users. Note: The 2000Charge join page will geo-detect the users location and present the payment form in the user's language.

Note: Geo targeting only works if your server has GeoIP enabled. You can create a test script using the sample code on our GeoIP wiki page. After you upload the script to a web accessible location, visit it from your browser. It should say what country you are in. If it does not, please contact your host to ensure GeoIP and the apache module have been installed properly.

Payment processing types by country;

  • Check - US and Canada
  • EU Debit - Germany, Austria and Netherlands
  • GiroPay - Germany
  • Teleingreso - Spain
  • Telepay - Mexico
  • POLi (AU) - Australia
  • POLi (NZ) - New Zealand
  • EPS - Austria
  • iDEAL - Netherlands
  • YellowPay - Switzerland
  • Przelewy24 - Poland
  • AstroPayCard - Latin America
  • DirectPay -
    • Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, ithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, United States
  • SEPA -
    • Aland Islands - Austria - Azores - Belgium - Bulgaria - Canary Islands - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - French Guiana - Germany - Gibraltar - Greece - Guadeloupe - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Madeira - Malta - Martinique - Mayotte - Monaco - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Réunion - Romania - Saint Barthélemy - Saint Martin (French part) - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom
    • Some merchants prefer to just exclude main countries such as US, China, Russia
  • PaySafecard - paysafecard operates in 37 countries worldwide, though an exact list is not available.
    • Since its a tangible card, some merchants prefer to just exclude main countries such as China, Russia

Alternate Method

While the Geo-Target Join Options instructions let you limit which products show to which regions, you may wish to display different translations of the same product based on region. For example, say you have only one join option of ‘$10 for 30 days’ and on the join page button text for the ‘EuroDebit’ payment option you want Germany to see ‘Lastschrift’, Spain to see ‘Cargo Bancarios’, the Netherlands ‘Automatische Inkasso’ and every one else ‘Direct Debit’.

Go to the Sites Admin, select a site, and add four join options. For each join option, choose 2000Charge, enter the join option settings, enter your Pricepoint for EuroDebit, and geo-target each setting to the area you want that translation to show to and enter the translation on the Join Form Text. You can also translate the ‘$10 for 30 days’ using this method as well.

Below is the translation for the 2000Charge product ‘EuroDebit

  • English: Direct Debit or Euro Debit
  • German: "Lastschrift"
  • Spain: "Cargo Bancario"
  • Netherlands: "Automatische Inkasso"

Note: When geo-targeting Europe, the ‘Europe’ setting in NATS only includes the undefined surrounding areas. You still will need to select the main cities or countries.

Rebill Options

Not all 2000Charge payment options allow rebilling, as some options require the customer to initiate payment. For this reason, you will have to know which payment option to apply to which join options. You should not assign a non-recurring payment option to a recurring join option since the customer will not be able to be rebilled. Commissions and the user's add and remove login all will work fine, you just lose the opportunity to rebill them by letting them use a non-recurring option initially.

You may use this as a reference:

  • Recurring: Credit Card, Check, EuroDebit, SEPA
  • Non-Recurring: DirectPay, iDEAL, GiroPay, PaySafeCard, Teleingreso, Telepay, POLi (AU), POLi (NZ), EPS, YellowPay, Przelewy24

2000Charge Gateway

NATS currently has two implementations for 2000Charge. This page focuses on the Native Integration, however, for merchants who have their own merchant account, SSL and PCI compliance, a Gateway option is available. Using the gateway allows the NATS customer to fully brand the payment forms and remove any 2000Charge hosted forms. The gateway currently only supports credt card, ELV/Eudebit, however additional products can be added. Please contact 2000Charge for more information.

Where to get help

Once you have finished configuring 2000Charge in NATS4 and confirmed they have received your Approval and Denial Redirect urls, as well as your Postback URL, you are ready to begin processing payments. If you have questions, you can reach you can reach 2000Charge in the following ways:

  1. Open a ticket for merchant support:
  2. Live chat on the helpdesk link:
  3. By phone: (626) 768-0877 for technical support
  4. By email:

If you have any further questions regarding the setup of 2000Charge in NATS4, please put in a support ticket.