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A NATS payment is a payment to an affiliate after they earned money in a program. After every pay period (normally 2 weeks), if the affiliate has earned enough money to deserve a payout, then NATS marks them as ready to be paid. In the Pay Via Admin, you can define the payment options and minimum payment amount. For example: pay your affiliates by check and make them earn $50 before they receive any payment.

Payment Types

NATS has three types of payments. They are as follows:

  • Open: money continues to accumulate towards the payout. Adjustments may be made to the payments of individual affiliates. Find open payments in the Open Payments section. Once you are ready to pay the affiliates, change the payment type to stored.
  • Stored: money no longer accumulates towards the payout -- but the payment amount may still be adjusted. Find stored payments in the Stored Payments section; they will be in bold.
  • Paid: the payment was sent out to the affiliate. The payment cannot be adjusted. Find stored payments in the Stored Payments section; the payments will not be bold.

More information about navigating the Payments Admin may be found in the Payments visual knowledge base article.