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This feature is available in the latest version of NATS (

NATS includes an affiliate groups feature, allowing you to create and maintain groups of Affiliates. This allows program owners to quickly find the groups of Affiliates in both the Reporting Admin and Affiliate Admin.

In the Affiliates admin, to create a new group, click on the tab labelled "Affiliate Groups". Once there, you can create new groups by filling out the text box "New Group" and clicking the add button. To add or modify Affiliates in this group click on the "Modify Affiliates in Group" link once a group is created. In this page, you can shift Affiliates between the Enabled Affiliates list and Disabled Affiliates list for each group.

Once your groups are set up you can limit details in both the Affiliates Admin and your Reporting Admin. In the Affiliates admin, use the Advanced form and select which group you wish to view in the "Limitations" section of the search area to pull up only the affiliates from that group. In the Reporting Admin, under the main limitation search, you can set the Affiliate Group to limit the stats based on these details, showing you more tailored information.