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WebCamClub may also be setup as a regular third-party. Setting up WebCamClub as a regular third-party is easier, but following the instructions below gives you access to more statistics and special token features.

When one of your WebCamClub members tries depositing money in their WebCamClub account, they're shown a NATS pre-join form. After they select how much how much money to deposit in their account, NATS sends them to one of your billers.

The following instructions explain how to setup the WebCamClub deposit pre-join form and biller.

Set up on WebCamClub's Website

Register an account. Record your username and password.

Set up WebCamClub in NATS

Edit Configuration File

Open up the file nats/includes/config.php in a text editor. You can add the following three configuration variables anywhere in the file; we suggest you keep them together.

You need to add the IP address of your NATS domain to the WEBCAMCLUB_ALLOWED_IPS configuration variable. If you don't know your IP address, please contact your host. If you run NATS on more than one server, you must add the IP addresses of all your NATS servers.

$config['WEBCAMCLUB_ALLOWED_IPS'] = Array(
'0' => '',
'1' => '',
'3' => '333.333.333.333'

You need to add your WebCamClub username and password, respectively, to the WEBCAMCLUB_POST_USERNAME and WEBCAMCLUB_POST_PASSWORD configuration variables. The following example adds the username "my_username" and password "my_password":

$config['WEBCAMCLUB_POST_USERNAME'] = "my_username"
$config['WEBCAMCLUB_POST_PASSWORD'] = "my_password"

Save the configuration file and exit your text editor.

Add New Site and Join Options

Use your web browser to visit the NATS Sites Admin and create a new site. On the next page, choose a Membership site. Enter the site details and scroll down to the Approval URL sub-section. Enter the following URL in the Approval Post URL:

  • http://domain/signup/post_webcamclub.php

(Replace domain with your NATS's domain. You can also use a linkdomain.)

In the Other Postback URLs sub-section, enter the following URL in the Rebill Post URL, Credit Post URL, and Chargeback Post URL fields:

  • http://domain/signup/post_webcamclub.php

In the Biller Details section, set up one or more billers. If surfers purchase WebCamClub tokens through NetBilling, they only need to enter their payment information once to purchase an unlimited number of tokens; for details, see the Purchasing Tokens Through Netbilling article.

In the Add New Join Option section, enter the WebCamClub account deposit amount and 0 days in the Initial Cost field. Click Add This Join Option. Repeat the steps in this paragraph to add more than one join option.

A Note on the Join Template

WebCamClub loads the pre-join form in an HTML iframe and sends the member's WebCamClub username and password as part of the request to NATS. NATS's join_webcamclub template stores this information in hidden form fields so the member doesn't see the username or password fields but NATS and the biller still get this information when the member clicks the Submit button.

You can customize the layout of the WebCamClub pre-join form in the Sites Admin. Find the site using WebCamClub, click the Edit Templates action icon, and edit the template named join_webcamclub.