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You can use Streamate as either a NATS third-party or a native biller; please see the Streamate Biller versus Third-Party article for details.

Adding Streamate to NATS is a 4 step process:

  1. Log in to your NATS admin and go to the Third Party Admin
    1. Select Streamate from the dropdown list of third party companies and click the Add button on the right-hand side of the page.
    2. Provide any of the fees (by percentage or dollar amount) and when you want those fees deducted from the income (either before affiliate payout, which will affect the amount they receive, or after affiliate payout).
    3. Enter your Streamate username, password, and referrer I.D.; check the Import Free Initials box if you want to enable that option. Click the Save button on the right side of the page.
      1. If Streamate provides calls for two referrer IDs, you can enter both IDs into the referrer ID field and separate them with a comma.
      2. Another option is to set up two different Streamate third party accounts, as well as two different Streamate sites. If you want to set up two separate sites, resellers will have to use two separate link codes-- one for direct joins and another for 1-click joins.
  2. Go to Sites Admin
    1. Click the Add a Site link at the top of the Sites Admin
    2. Set the type to Third Party and give it a site name and short name
    3. Select Streamate from the Third Party drop-down list
    4. Enter the link domain for your new site
    5. Enter the Streamate URL in the Third Party Details section of the page.
    6. Complete the rest of the sites admin configuration for a new site, including any additional email event, post back, site partners, tours, etc.
    7. After you configure a site, you can enter its Default NATS code. Go back to the Third Party Admin, edit Streamate, and paste in an affiliate's NATS code into the default NATS code field. Note: that affiliate will receive credit for all type-in traffic you send to Streamate. Please see the Getting The NATSCode article for help getting a NATSCode.
      1. If you don't do this, NATS can't track Streamate type-in traffic
  3. Create a new program for your third party sites (Optional)
    1. Go to the Programs Admin page and either create a new disabled program or create a new enabled program. We recommend you create a new disabled program because new affiliates will NOT be automatically enrolled in this program. When you're ready to allow everyone to send you traffic through this program, you can enable the program to automatically enable the program for all affiliates.
    2. Select Standard Program for its type, give it a program name, short name, select whichever options you wish to employ for this program, and then click Add Program.
    3. Select your Streamate site from the dropdown list of sites and click Add.
    4. Click the pencil icon on the far right in the bottom section on the page to edit your payout options for this program. Once you enter the payout amounts or percentages, click the Save button.
    5. (If you do not wish to create a new program, you may use an existing program instead.)
  4. Provide all of the IPs on your NATS server to the third party service provider so that all polling and transactions posting events do not get blocked.

Note: Third-parties do not notify NATS about new sales and sign-ups immediately -- there may be up to a 24-hour delay before NATS records third-party transactions.