NATS3 Affiliate-Specific Join Options

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Use the following instructions to give a specific affiliate special join options.

Go to Programs Admin and create a new disabled program. Enter a name, enter a shortname, and set the default payout. Go to the Sites Admin and edit a site. Go to the Options This Site Offers section and add a new join option to that list.

Scroll down to the Programs This Site Is In section and add the newly created program. Return to the main Sites Admin page and click on the Configure Default Payouts icon. This brings you to the Per Site Payouts Admin. For each program that shouldn't offer the new price to the surfer, click the Disable icon. For the new program, enable/disable the join options you want to offer. Repeat for each special price site.

Go to the Affiliates Admin and search for the affiliate. Click the Programs Admin icon to override that affiliate and go to the Programs Admin. Find the new program and click the Enable icon.