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Versions: 3.1.x (all versions)

This article explains how to turn a normal affiliate into an account representative (rep), how to assign other affiliates to be represented by that account rep, and how to pay the account rep a percentage of their affiliate's earnings.

To promote an affiliate to account rep status, click the icon in the second column of the affiliates admin next to that affiliate's name and information. For regular affiliates, the icon will appear to be a little person with a green coat and a white shirt. This takes you to the account access screen. You can change their account type from this screen and also limit their access to NATS admin areas. Click on the drop down list at the top of the page labeled Access Level and select Account Rep as Referrer.

In the affiliates admin, you can use the check boxes in the far left- hand column and the drop down list at the bottom of the page to assign affiliates to Account Reps. You can also assign affiliates to Account Reps as Referrers. Account Rep as Referrers collect a percentage of the affiliate accounts assigned to them. This means that this account rep will be paid a percentage of their affiliate's income.

Before any percentage is paid, the referrals table must be configured. To configure this table, first determine the login ID for the Account Rep as Referrers account and decide what percentage of their affiliates income you like to pay that account rep. You can determine the login ID of the account by holding the mouse over any of the action links on the right-hand side of the resellers admin page for that affiliates account. You'll see the id displayed as userid=xxxx or loginid=xxxx in the URL of those links. You could also run the following DB query to determine the loginid:

SELECT loginid FROM accounts WHERE username = xxxxxxx;

The following DB query changes the database. Please note that the percentages in this case are the percentage number multiplied by 100 For example, 5% becomes 500 and 10% becomes 1000.

INSERT INTO referrals (loginid,level,percentage) VALUES(<loginid of account rep>,0,<percentage>);

Replace <loginid of account rep> with the login ID you previously found; replace <percentage> with the percentage you want them to receive.

If you need to change or alter the value for an account rep who already has a value in referrals, use:

UPDATE referrals SET percentage=<percentage> where loginid=<loginid of account rep> and level=0;

Please double check that you have the correct loginid before you do an update. While you can run another update to change the values for the correct affiliate, you will not be able to recover other records that were overwritten.

Please note that admins and subadmins cannot be account reps or account reps as referrers. If you want an admin to collect a percentage, please have that admin create a second account for this purpose.


This feature will disable the random account rep assigning when a new affiliate signs up. It will also only assign an account rep if the person who referred the new affiliate is an account rep. The referring affiliate will only be marked as an account rep for the new affiliate(instead of both the account rep and referring affiliate). If the referring affiliate is not an account rep, then no account rep will be assigned.